want list :: midas touch.

It’s Karen Walker’s 10th birthday (happy birthday my dear friend). For so long I have been saving for my own special pair of these darlings because they are the greatest shades to grace our shores – I’m literally talking years here. And one day soon I will finally take that step, once I have built up some money following the latest holiday booking.

I’m tempted to celebrate with Karen and purchase a pair of these amazing golden babies before they all disappear, then we could be best friends forever. She really does have the midas touch, what an amazing woman.

karen walker celebrate

karen walker 10th birthday

karen walker eyewear

(Images from here)

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photoshoot :: cellophane head.

Editorial, my favourite. Especially those with the most eccentric crazy stylings and settings. Definitely a dream job brimming with constant creativity. My whole room would become a mood board slash pin up of anything I ever saw and loved.

I don’t know how some of these ideas are thought up though – who imagines putting cellophane over ones head, and then somehow transform it into something fashionable? To be a stylist, at least for an alternative / boundary pushing magazine, you must definitely have an interesting view of the world. Seeing things in a completely different light to others and re-imagining normal objects as something spectacular.

Exactly why I love this shoot for Numero Magazine. Craft has been taken to the next level. 

cellophane photo shoot

alisa ahmann

numero magazine

greg kadel

(Images from here)

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eat your heart out.

Quitting sugar was probably one of the best things I have ever done. I have more energy, I’m happier and I just have a whole new appreciative view of food. I’ve always been a massive fan of grub, but I genuinely get excited when I have to cook now. Buying ingredients is like an adventure every day – finding the best vegetables with the greatest bargains and trying different nuts / nut butters / health food aisle goodies. And these ones – oh yummo —

chickpea pancake

lentil tacos

lentils and kale

(Images from here)

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bungalow vibes.

When I think bungalow, I think chilled out, spacious, summery places. This Jamaica Bay, New York, space doesn’t quite fit my normal description but it is still pretty freaking cool.

My absolute dream is to one day find a little run-down shack and transform it into something beautiful. Keep all those vintage / daggy elements but jazz it up a little with some colour and design and personality. Now my fear is that a) all the lonely shacks will be taken up by someone else first to be made incredible, and b) they just get knocked down before I even have a chance. One of my greatest sadnesses is seeing houses with potential being demolished just for a mcmansion – a giant, nothingness on the street (don’t worry there are many way more crucial things in life that make me sad, but this trend just shows our absolute consumerist attitudes and lifestyles).

This bungalow was lovingly treasured and restored, so it just makes sense for me to have an amazing respect for its owners. Can we all just be reno queens like Barbara and Claudia.

restored bungalow

jamaica bay windows


(Images from here)

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reliving :: christian dior.

Something a little more recent this time round – funny that it’s Dior again (seriously showing the power Raf has). Most of the time I enjoy looking back at past fashion shows and seeing how they have shaped fashion today. It all just proves how cyclical fashion really is – note to self: NEVER throw away any clothes, even if this means you become a hoarder, or your children may hate you forever. I wish mum had kept more of her 80’s gear, I can never go past a chunky cardigan and crazy jewellery. Now we are in this weird period where we have developed so many new fabrics, however the silhouettes from the past keep making an appearance.

So here we go with the Dior Spring Summer 2015 range. Inspiration from the 60’s, 70’s, and probably a bit of everything else too. A mix of wonderful textures and tones – we go from country / prairie girl one minute to elegant city slicker / working gal the next. Raf Simons has taken care of all our fashion dreams once and for all. 

dior spring summer 2015 backstage

christian dior 2015

prairie dior 2015

christian dior raf simons

dior spring summer 2015

(Images from here and here)

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just ridiculous.

Ridiculous how many cool thangs / ensembles have come out of the recent fashion weeks. Sometimes I think the street style may actually be my favourite part of these periods. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with the fashion shows and the incredible creativity, art and inspiration that comes out of these.

But it’s different when you see how people really wear their clothing each day – ok let’s be honest, most of us wouldn’t walk around in half of these outfits without some serious brain numbers, but they are great to gaze at nonetheless. And for some, these are ‘normal’ clothes.

Each season I look for the craziest of all outfits (the thing I could never wear), and the outfits that could actually work in real life (the items I want to save my pennies for, but savings never get that far). Here are some of my recent faves, distracting myself while half-watching this terrible horror movie:

dinosaur shirt

moschino barbie

colour block street style

(Images from here)

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inspiration wall :: october.

Spring is actually showing its true colours now – already had two almost-beach-days. I can even walk around without wearing a cardigan, which is pretty amazing coming from me. 

inspiration wall october

- These sugar-free bliss balls are truly sugar-free – no need for dates or agave here. And they are absolutely delicious, my sneaky work snack at the moment. I’m dealing these things now.
- This article is super old, but any job that involves continually learning about the most random things of life must be great. So lets all become the doodlers for Google.
- I wish my sewing machine set up looked this great. All decked out and constantly ready to go – just what I need to get me creating again.
- Backstage at Jacquemus. Firstly, who knew models had that much fun pre-runway? I always imagine an absolutely hectic changing zone, but they’ve cleverly cropped that out of this scene. Secondly, what amazing dresses. They would make any day fun, even when the sun is just glowing outside and you are stuck indoors.
- Time for the bike yet again. Bikes, and prints.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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