model muse :: hanne gaby.

Yep, I love her because her name is so similar to mine – I’m hoping it’s pretty much the Belgian version. But she is also beautiful in that European way, with sharp features and powerful eyes.

Her road to amazingdom hasn’t been all that easy, what with a car crash breaking her legs 8 years ago. Yet she made it back to all the flashing lights and glamorous outfits. If that isn’t perseverance I don’t know what is.

She’s got some quirky street style and appears in many great campaigns, from Sonia Rykiel to Moschino.

On the way I found my new favourite website, featuring a million different magazine shoots and brand lookbooks. She just keeps giving. 

hanne gaby street style

hanne gaby street style

hanne gaby belted

hanne gaby walking stick

hanne gaby model

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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to lounge.

A relaxing lounge needs nothing more than these Aztec-inspired rugs and a brown leather couch, and of course some wooden floor boards. Olatz Schnabel got it all right.

The designer’s New York home is filled with these homey features and vibrant rugs – one for every room, to match the curtains or the bedspread or the walls.

I believe a trip to South America may be in order. Now I have two important purchases to make there – my poncho, and my rug. 

olatz schnabel the selby

aztec rug

the selby aztec rug

(Images from here)

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insta famous.

It seems Instagram is the perfect platform for unleashing your creative work. Just check this out.

An amazing Indonesian graphic designer, who I know nothing more about. Keeping a low profile in the digital world, apart from those 2,000 followers.

It’s photos like these that really make me wish I had become ridiculously good at everything photoshop, and actually put in the time to learn illustrator. I don’t know what process these images have gone through – whatever it is, the end result is near perfection. 





(Images from here)

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argentinian for a day.

Thanks to the amazing Angeles Pena we can see the true beauty of Argentina without trekking the thousands of miles. Although really, after seeing these, you will want to. The expensive flight is worth it for the culture smash and beauty shock.

After such a mental day at work it is unbelievable how peaceful it was to come home and just scan through these pictures. The solidarity and the calmness, and all that nature.

I could fly away right now – any excuse to wear a poncho and explore the landscapes.

poncho angeles pena

argentina angeles pena

ocean angeles pena

argentina angeles pena

rainbow angeles pena

(Images from here)

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want list :: cereal mag.

As a self-confessed obsessive magazine collector, the very thought of not owning every magazine with any worth makes me a little sad. Unfortunately there isn’t enough time in the world for me to spend each day poring through the latest issues, gaining inspiration – if that was a job description I would be first in line.

Hence why I can’t risk subscribing to magazines that feature only ‘now’ content. Half the time I’m reading a mag 6 months old. And then they go on my shelf for another 50 years, for referencing purposes of course.

The first time I saw Cereal I was just so captured by the simplicity of the cover – perfect, understated design. Also makes reference to one of the greatest breakfasts ever, so it’s an immediate win. Cereal is definitely the most indie of travel magazines, focusing on the secret places, like the booktown in Wales, and oh my goodness, the wonderful photography. Knocks your socks off. And well worth the long wait to be read. 

cereal magazine

summer cereal magazine

santa barbara cereal magazine

amalfi cereal magazine

(Images from here)

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twenty seven names.

We all need a good old NZ-based fashion brand to fall in love with.

It’s crazy how most international designers focus on a specific set of design rules and styles each season, with elements crossing over different labels, like the gladiator sandal of yesteryear. But when you dig a little deeper it’s clear that the nationality of the fashion designers, harking back to their hometown, have a huge influence on the collection. Something little always pops out.

It might just be because of my friends, but I’ve always seen the Kiwis as pure individuals with a love of boldness and patterns – they’re the kind of people who stick to what they love. That’s how gals like Lorde come about.

Massive generalisations I know, but Twenty Seven Names definitely reflects this idea. So many brilliant textures, patterns and shapes. Amazing stuff from Rachel and Anjali.

twenty seven names

twenty seven names a/w 2014

twenty seven names dress

twenty seven names nz

twenty seven names fashion

(Images from here)

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Sometimes you come across those brilliant architectural designs that conquer those of my favourite show, Grand Designs. The thing that lets down those designs though is that I often find it hard to excuse the terrible interior style – their houses are so near perfect, yet so far.

But this pretty little thang is the exception to the rule. A sliding glasshouse, changing it’s composition as the daylight dictates. To allow the best light and make the most of the warmth, the outer shell literally slides along the house and allows the glass exterior to be shown.

It looks like it’s bringing a bit of Scandinavian style to Suffolk, with the added rooftop bath.

sliding glasshouse

suffolk architecture

light glasshouse

real glasshouse architecture

(Images from here)

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