new yorker for a day.

These photos are getting me even more excited for summer, if that is even possible. I crave the constant warmth and outdoor time. After a crazy busy week all I want to do is relax on the beach, and try to get rid of my terrible swimming-back-tan.

It’s people like Kelsea Kosko who I find truly inspiring. I don’t know much about her, can’t say I’ve ever met her, but she seems like the kind of person who goes with her gut. Who follows her dreams and creative loves even if it means struggling for a while, and still having fun with it. What a blessing in life to do these things, even when there is great fear. Live in that fear, and revel in it. That’s my advice to myself – now finally I have to act on it. 

kelsea kosko

kelsea kosko photography

kelsea kosko


kelsea kosko ice cream

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obviously laura.

Laura Blythman is the ultimate kindergarten kid, and I absolutely adore it. She perfectly reflects my love of cutting and pasting and all things paper. One day, when money is never a fear, maybe I will just scrapbook my life away and collect even more ever-increasing piles of patterned paper and magazine cut-outs.

There must never be a dull day in the world of Laura – all things great and small come together, with mountainous landscapes, daily mantras, and bunny rabbits getting some sightings. We get a glimpse into the perfect world, a Wonderland-encouraged world, full of colour and happiness and beauty.

laura blythman

ice cream sundae laura blythman

laura blythman paper craft

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anatomy of :: slides.

Since I can’t handle blood and guts and internal organs, I thought maybe I would study the anatomy of something I actually enjoy instead. Hence my new series.

I won’t lie, when I first saw these were coming back into fashion, after many blissful years without, my heart dropped. Yes, the 90’s had some good things to offer, like overalls and sexy crimped hair, but slides were not one of them. I cringe when I even hear the word, ‘sliiiiiides’. After working at Athlete’s Foot for numerous years I have developed an unhealthy hatred of feet – when you see that many stinky, misshapen pairs it is completely understandable though. I appreciate that some people do have lovely feet, but for the vast majority of us, they are just these floppy weird-shaped  hand-imitators at the bottom of our legs. And slides show off way too much of these cringe-worthy features.

Those Adidas ones everyone used to wear to the pool, and have now become heart of the normcore trend? My blood curdles. I understand that Birkenstocks are super comfy – if all the internet cool kids are wearing them, there must be some merit. But you won’t catch me in these any time soon (I’ve already expressed my pact on this before).

Why can’t we develop our own little trends instead of following what the world dictates? That could be half my problem with this – something we all thought was disgusting has now become a fashionista item, all because a few trend setters decided it would be (I forgive you though, Leandra). If one day I somehow turn, and succumb to the practicalness, please rebuke me heavily. 

slides tommy ton

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room of glass.

A sheet of glass can change everything. Adds some light, adds some space, and makes everything so much better. This clever little office was updated with two completely glass walls – it’s the next best thing to open offices. Plus the rest of the floor is pretty snazzy too.

I could never work in a law firm, or finance company, where you have a whole room to yourself. Boredom and procrastination would set in way too fast. I doubt I would ever actually get any real work done. So if I ever become that CEO of my own business, it’s a glass room I’ll go for. Keep the collaboration and happiness thriving. 

glass office

white office

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want list :: tibi + something more.

I always write my blogs in front of the TV. The thoughts come to me during the day (or in the shower – I desperately need a waterproof notebook), and then they come alive at night. I was at the birth of the multi-screen phenomenon and have been a serial offender ever since. 

Killing two birds with one stone is my life philosophy. It goes further than blogging – I check facebook while I walk to the bus stop, read my book on the bus, ready my magazine on the train, listen to the radio while I run, have a million thoughts buzzing in my head at all times. And it gets exhausting. I never realised how anal I am, until just now in jotting this down. My life is a lot less carefree and non-time-restricted than I thought.

I’m starting to understand that the problem isn’t the number of hours we have in the day, and how I always wish there were more so I could fit everything in, but more about the way we spend it. It’s such a balancing act between things we WANT to do and the things we HAVE to do. Now I need to make some free time to ponder and figure out my own way to scale these things.

On a completely different note – one that doesn’t hurt the brain too much, but is way more superficial – my next save item, a pair of Tibis. I gasp. Every show so perfectly made and still looking comfortable. Bliss may be mine when I make this purchase, and balance my life. 

tibi mule

tibi sandals

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patchwork backpack.

What an emotional few days. My best friend is now married, and on her way for some fun overseas adventures; I’m seriously sleep-deprived and in need of a week’s recovery. And I am completely jealous of this honeymoon. An amazing trip in Mexico and Jamaica? Yes puh-lease.

Mexico has always been my dream destination, ever since early high school. I don’t think there was any logic behind it – it looked cool, it was hot, they have beaches, and the food is incred. Or maybe I liked the look of all the crazy gangsters on TV. Who knows, the mind of a 13 year old. But now I have also fallen in love with cacti and the interesting culture, the colours and arts. The reasons for me to go are mounting, so one day we will finally have to make the big trip. At least now I will get a sneaky little insight into the area, via their experiences.

These crafty Sketchbook backpacks are exactly what I need for all my future travels, and continued dreaming. Especially good for Canadian experiences I’d say, what with the colour scheme and ruggedness. But Mexico will still do the trick. Count down on. 

patchwork backpack

sketchbook backpack

(Images from here)

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photoshoot :: all painted.

Some of my favourite fashion editorials ever are those that involve some kind of weird face paint / body paint / war paint. Either that or they have crazy make up and feathers in their hair. To me, photo shoots should be like a dream – people never could actually pull off these outfits, or even think of wearing them in real life, but they sure are fun and inspiring to look at.

Margaret Zhang styled and shot these cool little artsy combos. If only it was acceptable to paint your face and get away with it as make up every day. 

margaret zhang styling

paint editorial

margaret zhang editorial

shine by three editorial

(Images from here)

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