xoxo alice mccall.

When I get a little piece of her, one day, I will know I have made it in life. Yes, that is one of the most materialistic things I could ever say, but I just adore everything Alice. My sneaky dotti dress, which to the unkowing eye comes across as a lovely Alice McCall number, is possibly one of the smartest purchases I have ever made. Each piece is made with an astounding playfulness and beauty. She brings out the best of our girly nature and takes it to the next level.

For better or for worse,  the updated Macquarie Centre houses one of her stores. I’m actually avoiding that section at the moment, for fear of bursting into jealous tears whenever I walk past. That’s how you know it is true love. Shots below from one of my most favourite collections (SS 12-13 Babooshka).

alice mccall babooshka

alice mccall babooshka lookbook

alice mccall ss12-13

alice mccall lookbook

(Images from here)

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process of my mind.

It doesn’t seem quite right to post about all those fashion fads and ramblings at the moment, considering the intense couple of days we have had in Sydney. It’s something words can’t even describe, especially not my words. But I feel for absolutely everyone who has been affected by this, and my prayers go out to you all.

On my way home from work yesterday I was scrolling through the twitter-sphere, and kept coming across dozens of posts on the latest celebrities looks, ‘who wore what’, and all that fluff we fill our lives with. For such a sombre moment, it was shocking to see it there (I know we have clever apps like Hootsuite now, but still, it’s hard to see). These things I couldn’t even bring myself to glance at because it seemed so disrespectful. So unknowing.

I am incredibly grateful for the way Sydney responded though – the #illridewithyou hashtag is the most beautiful thing to ever come out of a hardship and loss. Something I wish I could shout to the whole world, and in my hippie-like way, just tell them to love everyone. Why bother with the hatred and the grudges.

I don’t think this situation is something we will ever fully understand, but it really is a massive reminder to LIVE, and to be thankful that we live in such a beautiful country with incredible people who band together. Thoughts keep buzzing through my head and I wish I could get them all out, but they’re so busy and endless. It’s like having a snitch in there, jumping around. Here’s my little Tuesday inspiration for you – a thoughtful mood lightener.

collage art

coffee machine love

sunglass reflection

pineapple shirt

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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dutch for a day 2.0.

Unfortunately we are now back from another weekend in Ulladulla. Finally time to relax and switch off (didn’t even look at my computer once, which is absolute craziness). I read so much, laid about so much, soaked up the sun so much, and ate great food. Exactly what the doctor ordered. Every time we get back though I just want to go adventuring again.

Lisa Smit is making these feelings even stronger, drawing me back into the car for another long road trip. Photos from so many different places – all these travels and experiences, with bonfires and old cars. I’m sure I’ve spoken of her before, but it is all well worthy. This Dutch girl has checked off half the world already, what we all dream of.  lisa smit photography photographer lisa smit europe lisa smit deer lisa smit beetle lisa smit beach lisa smit (Images from here)


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books books everywhere.

Doing my constant magazine catch-up yesterday I found out about the Michelberger Hotel (thank you Elle for taking me to Berlin for a minute, and off the boring train ride home).

Firstly, I just really want to go to Berlin now. I imagine the scene as a much more European-ised, genuine hipster-ised Melbourne. So all in all, I now have to save to get my booty over there.

Secondly, what a hotel / hostel this is. Full of amazing organic food (including my absolute fave sweet potato chips), the option of a loft room, and the incredible book-filled bar. The furniture is pretty much made out of old school books and mags, so there’s always plenty of entertainment. Especially for someone like me. The fiend of information and reading material. I wouldn’t even care if the drinks tasted like dirt.

honolulu bar michelberger hotel


michelberger honolulu bar berlin

michelberger hotel bar berlin

(Images from here and here)

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take a white shirt.

It goes so far. Every outfit needs that basic element before you start layering on top. Make it a bit hipster with a knitted number, or super sleek with a sexy skirt. Or just have plain fun with it. Winter or summer it doesn’t matter.

My current plain white count is very few, so it’s waiting on some expansion. A few more additions and I will have millions of outfits ready to go, all waiting up my sleeve.

white shirt hipster street style

street style silver and white

white shirt street style 

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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musings :: gerri the boho.

I’m not going to say Very Good Girls was a great film, or even a good one, but I did keep watching. The only thing stopping me from the constant phone fidget was waiting for Gerri’s (Elizabeth Olsen) next outfit. She rocked the ultimate boho babe look. An Olsen would be the only girl worthy to play this role, anyone else and it would be fake, a try-hard attempt at being the absolute hippie. Those girls.

Sometimes films have an unusual effect on me. The morning after I found myself picking out this printed blue kimono from my wardrobe – it’s been there so long and I was just waiting for the perfect moment to bring it out for all the world. It was the moment. Gerri incepted me and stole my normal clothes for a while. And it was great. According to Tim, if I had added a feather necklace or a wide-brim hat, it would have been taken a step too far. But we will just have to wait and see – who knows where that kimono will transport me next time, or who will take over my style another day.

very good girls elizabeth olsen

gerri very good girls


(Images from here and here)

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want list :: a piece of stella.

What a week. Tim moved house. I moved home. Not to mention the crazy storms every afternoon and difficulties in making it back from work while still staying dry. I’ve had my share of drowned rat feelings for a while now.

Moving home has made me consider all the things I survived without – the extra pieces of clothing I never really wore, but kept ‘just in case’, the plethora of books (although I still love them, maybe I could start my own library one day anyway), mountains of bags, and all those body and skin care products I have accumulated over years of birthdays. It is time to cull. Finally. And I can’t wait.

It’s re-iterating my view of only purchasing second-hand, or items that offer longevity – classic designer pieces and the like. That’s not to say I don’t want to have a little fun with my fashion purchases anymore.

A Stella McCartney coin purse or mini bag is high on my current list. Although it’s not a ‘classic’ style, more based purely on current trends and all that pop culture, I could / would still use it forever. Firstly, it’s Stella, so it’s going to last. Secondly, it makes any future outfit more exciting and colourful. (I’ll also have so much more bag and wardrobe room soon). Point proven, these little guys are winners.

superhero stella mccartney

stella mccartney cross bag

(Images from here)

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