ikou x a great cafe.

After a morning of swimming and wandering the streets of Pymble, we managed to find Maslows – an amazing little cafe nook, tucked into an old garage. Tiny yet beautiful, with a delicious menu (I could dig into that pork brioche any day).

The chai came served in it’s own beaker, and the best bit, the ikou ceramic tea cup that came with it. Instant love for that hexagonal – slash however many sides there were – design. Apparently the action of pouring helps deepen feelings of relaxation, so bring on the tea pouring rituals.

Turns out ikou also takes care of every other necessity in life. They’ve got us covered for candles, teas, and body and skin care too.  So much relaxation all in the one location.

maslows cafe

maslows ikou

(Images from here and here)

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selby + creatives.

Oh Mr Selby is one of my faves. I wish I could meet as many inspiring people as he does everyday. Not sure if it is a prerequisite to being in an artistic industry – but how do all these folks live in such amazing spaces? They all have a loft, or a studio, or a converted warehouse or a beach shack.

My attitude quickly becomes a ‘don’t worry about anything except doing the things you love’, when I look at these for too long. If I pursued all my crazy dreams I really doubt I would end up with a downtown apartment, and enough money to afford belongings to fill it. My life would definitely not look as perfect as Todd Selby’s photos.

This London den is one of my absolute favourites – the home of a creative couple, Holly Wales and Stephen Smith. Everything about it is incredible. The light, the crafty spaces, the cluttered walls, the plant-filled balcony and the exposed wooden beams. Maybe if I moved to London I would chance upon somewhere exactly like this, and have an arty job by default…

the selby

holly wales and stephen smith

london holly wales

the selby

(Images from here)

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stockholmer for a day.

To be a native Stockholmer would be a pretty great thing – they are inherently cool and stylish and arty and creative. In my eyes. Otherwise they are just super tan and good at skiing, which isn’t too bad either.

To prove my initial theory we just have to glance at Marie Ek’s photography skills. I could dream forever looking at these pictures – dreaming of open spaces and wooden cabins with dappled light (so much dappled light it almost puts you into a fantastic dazed place). Get back into nature yo, and do as Marie does.

Would I be a constantly more chilled out person if I lived in Sweden? Maybe, we can only wait and see.

marie ek


marie ek photography

marie ek stockholm



marie ek

(Images from here and here)

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reliving :: jil sander spring 2011.

Those massive lips. That massive colour. Take us back to 2011 with Jil Sander Spring RTW. I can see why everyone is so sad that Raf Simons left the label and headed to Christian Dior instead.

The simple white tee took an amazing turn with this collection – becoming the background / setting for the coloured full skirts. I love the simplicity of the silhouettes in all Jil Sander pieces. They are always the items you can pop on in whatever mood, and mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. That’s a solid investment – wear it everyday with different accessories – no one will know.

I have a rule to only buy the staple items if it costs half my salary – long lasting pieces are where it is at. You will spot me in 50 years still toting my Michael Kors, wearing my Mara Hoffman dress and Christian Louboutin shoes (none of which I own yet). And of course the elegant skirt from Jil Sander. 

jil sander ss 2011

jil sander spring 2011 rtw

jil sander raf simons

jil sander

jil sander ss 2011

(Images from here)

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inspiration wall :: september.

Spring is here! If only the sunshine realised. It’s been raining for almost 3 weeks straight – the most rain we’ve had all year, after teasing us with some beautiful sun-filled days. It’s time to get some inspiring done in preparation of the real spring weather. 

inspiration wall september

- Rajni Jacques isn’t your typical fashion editor. She’s got the edge that brings it all back to the 90’s – and also happens to be the owner of an amazing house / wardrobe, and this perfectly intricate Louis Vuitton jacket. Oh to be an editor.
- Beauty Darya Yakovleva pulls off the fluoro citrus so well, unlike anyone else. Full of spring feeling and glow.
- If you don’t have a garden, you need a balcony, and your balcony needs to be like this – full of life and personality and sunshine. Spending every morning eating a bowl of bircher out here would be amazing.
- Hanneli Mustaparta is such an admirable model. She seems to be a little more conservative than the rest, keeping it PG and not pushing the boundaries too far. I’m so pumped for bikinis like this in the season. A rashie and bikini in one? How sun safe…
- These cookies have me just about salivating. Amazing ingredients – peanut butter, chocolate chip, chia. No wrong can be done.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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how monochromatic.

So much zebra going on here, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Zebras might just be the most perfect animals – black and white always look good together. It’s a no-fail option, apparently like packet-mix cakes and diet books. They also hold a special spot in my heart – that time when I thought my preschool teacher’s name was Zebra (it was actually Debra), because she wore a black and white striped t-shirt everyday.

Recently I’ve realised how lacking my wardrobe is in the pure simplicities. For some reason I own no plain white t-shirts, and no black cardigans. So it’s coming. Summer wouldn’t be right without that flowy shirt, and the season is so close now I can almost grasp it.

I’m so glad zebras were created – they’re way better than horses anyway. 

swedish monochrome street style

sportswear street style


(Images from 1, 2, 3)


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the collective.

See below for just a few of the images from my collection of dreamy studios.

It must have been in high school when I first decided I wanted to live at Palm Beach, own a beautiful white weatherboard house, own my little design business, and work from the studio / converted shed in the backyard. The dream.

So when I hit that goal one day (maybe), this is what I imagine it will be like. Who needs a studio pet when you can have a studio cactus?

studio quote wall


studio cactus


(Images from here)

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