swedish for a day.

I’ve already remarked in the past how the Swedes are infallibly cool, all that grunge, alternativeness and envy-spiking tans. They’ve got the art of natural down pat, and design skills galore. There is definitely a stat out there about how the crazy weather and dark nights lead to insane creativity and inspiration in Scandinavia (even Business Insider say so – they rank #1 in the most creative countries in the world).

All their movies and tv shows are physical proof – not every country can get away with creepy child vampires and hubots. They invented Happy Socks and Acne, which are both great gifts to the world, so there really isn’t much more to be said. If you still don’t believe me, let me know because I would be more than happy to pull together some more evidence.

And then we have Emilia Bergmark who has captured the joy of the everyday. Family gatherings are fun-filled occasions with lake swims and child’s play. Kids dress like astronauts and ye olde battlers. So we all live our dreams a little longer.

emilia bergmark

emilia bergmark photography\flower skateboard emilia bergmark

young love emilia bergmark sweden

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got the brights.

Work-from-home day meant literally looking like I just woke up – unfortunately I wasn’t the glamorous natural beauty that all the mags love to celebrate. Thankfully I wasn’t expecting that, had too much experience with it already.

Fresh(ish) and bare faced, ripped denim shorts, getting down to my work party of one. I have a new theory about myself following this day and past experiences – I could in fact be the complete opposite of the definition of an introvert. A day by myself and I am zapped of energy, a day of busyness and company and I could keep on going. To a point.

Which is why I am just sitting watching The Block right now and not living it up at Carriageworks. It’s a bad case of zombie when you miss a fashion week event. I know I will suffer from terrible FOMO tomorrow, so I’m hoping that the vibes from these bright and wonderful outfits will infiltrate my mind and transform my coming morning. 

russia fashion week clash


intarsia street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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reliving :: prada ss.

Oh yes, I do love a beautiful Italian brand, especially when the wings are spread. When I studied Italian in high school I would scope out Vogue Italia wherever I could, and sit there attempting to translate. Just a paragraph would take an age – I do love a challenge.

My love for Prada continues to grow each collection – years ago I wasn’t so convinced, but the uniqueness and quality styling is a stand out show after show. Don’t even get me started on the techniques, it makes any textile nerd drool.

What truly gained my respect this season was what I like to refer to as the ‘double sock’, or the art of ‘double sockking’. Maybe even the triple at times. These multi-patterned socks bring a sparkle to every dress, a bohemian touch to every coat. Half stocking, half sock, because we all love hybrids, and Sienna Miller in The Edge of Love.

I would love a pair, but my wallet would not, so I’ve come up with my own ingenious solution / invention. Instead of purchasing a pair of these socks with deceiving double appearance, let’s just do the real thing – double it up. Same plan, only warmer. So economical. 

prada ss 2015

prada ss 15 socks

prada spring summer 2015

prada spring summer dress

prada patchwork

(Images from here)

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want list :: some warmth.

If I had only one wish from a genie I would ask for the endless summer, so my fingers and toes would never know the cold – be protected from it forever. Because I don’t like my chances of finding an antique genie bottle, I have a slightly more feasible plan.

Time to invest in a good pair of gloves – my hands are being molested by the cold already, and winter hasn’t officially started. This year I am going to put a stop to the chill once and for all. There are a few potential problems when purchasing mitts though.

Firstly, no one wants to look like they just skied in from the snow fields. It does put a slight spanner in the works though, when the warmth levels I require for my strange body temperatures are probably only ever going to be found in ski gear. Big is not better.

Then there’s the issue of looking like a vicious biker if you go too leathery, gnarled and cut off. Or the weight lifter and hobo styles. Or really just the annoying impracticality of most gloves – the fact you literally can’t do anything with your fingers. Your hands become the invalid, so they may as well be frozen anyway. No turning magazine pages, typing iMessages, fixing your hair, or eating for that matter.

After all that I still don’t have the solution for the perfect glove – I’m hoping it will just jump out at me as I scour the internet and stalk the shops. Unless you have some ideas?

street style winter

chanel gloves spring 2009

burberry leather gloves

driving gloves

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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inspiration wall :: apr.

Did you drown yourself in chocolate already? Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am one of those strange types who fell of the chocolate craze band wagon years ago. My health kicks rid my diet of the sweet stuff, but there are still zero pangs of remorse. I get my “healthy” lot of chocolate every Christmas and Easter – then it lasts for the entire year. So really I am just super economical, choosing to spend my spare coin on coffee as opposed to chocolate – waking me up instead of making me sleepy. It’s mind blowing that we are in April already, but here we go.

inspiration wall april

– Bit late now, but I made these paleo hot cross buns, and they are great. My version (slash, the I Quit Sugar version) of the sugar-laden treat for the long weekend.
– One from the back log of trusty images – the wonderful Lover denim take.
– Read an amazing Round Table episode on Man Repeller today, focusing on our hair. You know when an article manages to articulate everything your mind is thinking? This was it for me. My hairy security blanket.
– Crochet for winter. Nanna is in, and I am celebrating.
– Black and white interiors, matching the weather, and what may become of my mood if I don’t keep trying to stay inspired.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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anatomy of :: i woke up like this.

This is how I use my weekends and holidays – outfit experimentation. Time to test the waters with new combos, new pieces, go crazy, because if you can’t wear it now, then when can you?

Today was my accidentally-on-purpose foray into the “I woke up like this” / pyjama look that has been infiltrating the world over the last few years, thanks in part to Alexander Wang and his genius brain. And it took me until now – mostly because I’ve never been a real pyjama wearer anyway, I prefer the baggy old tshirt and trackies for my casual slumber.

Then my sister decided to toss out this vintage button up, then I took the liberty of taking it, turning the trash into treasure. And today it was clear to me that this old man’s shirt could in fact be pyjamas. It even has snap fasteners, so case in point – I’m reliving my baby days in snap-shut jumpsuits, the glory period. Comfort is bliss, walking around like you don’t care is a treasure.

Next level outfit = going the whole shebang and finding some matching pants. But let’s just take it one ugg-booted step at time.

pyjama day

alexander wang spring 2014

alexander wang spring 2014

(Images from here)


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photoshoot :: the young ones.

When the sickness hits summer is well and truly over – the last kick in the gut to make you miss the warmth before we even get to the big freeze. Summer is such a jerk sometimes, but it’s still my favourite.

The weather has become one of my most recorded topics, it alters my whole attitude towards life and how much passion I have for creativity. Hot means inspired and busy, cold means “leave me alone I just want to sleep”. And then when I’m sick I have the internal battle of wanting to be productive, but knowing I really should just be resting.

So today I had the longest-recorded nap of my life, and binge-watched season one of Orphan Black. Then looking at all these young designers makes me wish I used ALL of my time better, where would I be right now if I created each night instead of lazing about with the TV on?

vamff young designers

young australian designers


(Images from here)

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