mental relief with vineet bahl.

Getting outside does so much for my sanity, especially when it’s an escape to the beach. I was beating myself up for not bringing my Seafollys’ today though – absolutely perfect, and I wore the most inappropriate outfit. Why didn’t I flow with something sleeveless?

I gave up on Apple weather long ago, so when it said 27 degrees and sunny, and looking out my window instead displayed clouds, I decided my phone must be lying again. It wasn’t. So I sat on the beach in my sleeved dress (thankfully I rebuked the jeans idea), with my boots and socks sitting next to me. Coffee in hand, Russh in lap – bliss.

Exploring blogs and stalking fashion labels is another way my mind copes with life. And today we have Vineet Bahl, who I discovered through my trusty, and dangerous, daily Net-a-Porter update.

The Indian influences shine out of every piece, providing the best beach day outfits and bohemian inspiration. So many colours, textures, and traditional embroideries. Bahl is proof that the greatest fashions don’t just come out of Paris and Milan – they are a worldwide phenomenon, gems are hidden everywhere. And it’s our job to find them.

vineet bahl dress

vineet bahl jardin

vineet bahl crochet dress

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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inspiration wall :: mar.

This month has clearly been quite an insane one – I only just realised that I hadn’t even put together some inspiration. Maybe that explains the craziness that has been going on, maybe the wall sets me up for what’s coming. So this will keep me going for the next few days, until April begins. Apparently I’m feeling quite exotic at the moment – could be all that pho I’m eating.

inspiration wall march

- Um, ramen jumper. Potential next sewing project I’m thinking?
- I adore Kenko Kitchen, partly because of her food, partly because she seems like such a beautiful person. And I have to try these Rainbow Noodles to kick me back into health.
- Lucy Folk has made some wonderful jewellery to inspire even in the freezing half of the year. I would be a bubble of joy if I had palm trees around my neck always.
- Time to get a new coat – first question – where to even start looking?
- Lu Green, I wish I could draw.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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After a long day all you need is a glass of wine and some of Jamie Oliver’s spag bol. Then life is all ok again. There’s also nothing like some uplifting indoor greenery. Somehow the air seems fresher, the light brighter – an instant mood lifter.

I don’t know how all the psychology behind that works, but it’s definitely legit, personal experience proves it. Just like how dappled light causes inner reflection and thought processing – so basically what I’m saying is that I now have a life necessity of fresh flowers in every room, or at least a little cactus baby.

Next on the wish list is a bit of life for my desk at work, then I can get that whiff of freshness whenever needed. 

the selby indoor plants

indoor plants tokyo

(Images from here)

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want list :: totes.

This is a slight lie, technically it shouldn’t really be on my want list anymore, since I bought the beauty that is the Madewell tote yesterday morning. But I do have to wait at least 10 days to get this in my hands, so until then. After setting my heart on the leather babe I battled to find a tote that would actually ship to Australia, and finally tracked it down. I miss out on the monogramming but still get all that goodness and functionality.

It’s been so long that I’ve purchased a bag all my current ones have frays and tears. And this is my first REAL real bag. My adult bag. A promotion present to myself, because any excuse will do. Next thing I will be a Madewell fanatic, desperately seeking another hit. 

madewell tote

transport tote madewell

madewell leather tote

madewell transport tote true black

(Images from the #totewell collection)


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manspiration :: j.crew.

It’s that time of the month again – the time to celebrate menswear and highlight the good, the bad and the ugly. Every little bit of inspiration counts in a crazy, endless week.

Tim has recently taken up on that 70’s trend, much to my liking (even if it wasn’t an intentional response to the fashion shows and street style crazes). Starting work also means expanding your outfit horizons. Unlock the patterned coloured shirts from the yester-year and put them out on display, because patterns should be everywhere, all the time. In my future house I will have decked-out vintage dresses and shirts hanging from the walls in replace of your typical art – a textural beauty instead.

J.Crew’s old-school inspired spring collection has all the denim a guy (or girl) could wish for, even in bucket hat form. So everyone is happy, and further proves the labels’ genius status collection after collection.

j.crew menswear

j.crew spring menswear

j.crew man denim

denim j.crew

(Images from here)

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musings :: caroline de maigret.

Feeling very French school girl today with my monochrome outfit, touch of blue, collared top and woollen jumper. Add a beret and I’m sorted. Although I opted for the relaxed, breezy frenchie hair instead – constantly inspired by Caroline de Maigret.

She is the poster girl for casual, refined coolness. Made all the more possible by her wardrobe of Celine, Chanel and Balmain, as typical French goddesses do. Each outfit of the day would be so easily sorted with a selection like that, no such thing as a dull moment or uninspired ensemble.

Apparently I have a touch of French blood in me, going way way back, and I hold on to that potential heritage with my all (I’ve also been told I have a very “french” forehead, whatever that means – and I will never contest that). One day I might wake up oozing half the coolness of this unicorn, that is the dream.

Meanwhile I am waiting for my blood to prosper that line, get it running through every part of my body. To kick it off I might have to start reading How to be Parisian

caroline de maigret street style

caroline de maigret

caroline de maigret french

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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san franciscan for a day 2.0.

It is so surreal to think that just a couple of weeks ago we were holidaying where there now is a massive, destructive cyclone sweeping through. After this trip I became personally invested in Vanuatu – the people we met and saw over there made such an impact on me, and currently they are fighting it out against this heavy storm. Call it luck that we aren’t there at the moment, but I want to respond to this disaster with as much help as I can. One minute we are talking with the locals about the recent freedom from natural disasters, with the last cyclone occurring 9 years ago. Next thing it hits. And I just hope that these amazingly joyful people will recover and maintain their warm spirits.

This is my peace sign going out. Calm and slow, from Sarah Evers – taking a breather from the crazy unexpectedness of this world.

sarah evers photography

sarah evers photography

(Images from here)

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