lessons from the pacific.

Hopefully I’ve arrived back a little tanner and blonder than before, which is sure to quickly fade in the air conditioned offices.

Vanuatu is an amazing place. The natural beauty is breath-taking – never have I seen so many coloured fish and vibrant sunsets. But more than that, the people are what drag you back for more. They taught me so much in my five day trip, things that are worth recalling everyday to live the relaxed and joyful life they live.

Family is everywhere. I don’t know how many times I heard, “he’s my brother” or  “she’s my cousin” while touring the island. Apparently they are all related somehow. Even if this isn’t true, what a great mindset to have. We are all family, we all look after each other.

Happiness is everything. How can a whole country be this happy? It’s almost unheard of. But a simple smile, wave and laugh goes a long way.

Fashion is all that. Almost. I think of it as cool fashion in the same sense that overalls, and socks and sandals are cool. I love them, but there is something inherently grandma-ish about these trends as well. Island dresses are the bees knees for these reasons – and I’m sure incredibly comfy too (the urge to buy one over there was so strong).

Things to take away to bring more light back home. 

vanuatu dress

(Image from here)

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melbournian for a day.

Surprise, I’m actually still here. Our volcano friend in Vanuatu decided to burst some ash into the sky yesterday, so now we have a 2 day mini home holiday before we finally leave. Just enough time to squeeze in one more February post before we head into autumn.

After my active brain struggled with some serious boredom for a couple of hours this morning, I needed to get out of the house. A solo adventure. Something I haven’t done since uni days. I forget how refreshing it is to just go where you feel, pop in any shop you desire and wander. I actually got on the train with no idea of my destination but ended up in Summer Hill – mainly because of the cafe opportunities (Heritage Coffee Brewers became my lunch spot).

It’s a good lesson to learn  – being alone, getting lost, and taking it all as it comes. And sometimes the greatest things are found. I had time to reflect on my blog, plan for my future (more like, freak out about not knowing what to do), and read. With my coffee. Perfecto.

And now for some wonderful photography skills care of Hilary Walker. Inspiring places prepared for a solo wandering.

hilary walker photography

hilary walker lili foster

hilary walker melbourne

hilary walker photography

(Images from here)

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wanted :: markus lupfer.

There only remains a couple of days before I jet off to Vanuatu, so before I unwind and sit on the beach for a week, my parting post (for this short time period). My brain has closed off from work and is meant to be in packing mode. Instead I’m dreaming about life, and these Markus Lupfer goods.

I want to walk around with sequinned lips on my chest. The fab designs don’t stop there either – you can also satisfy your cravings for ice cream sweaters, sequin dresses, jungle-inspired faces and banana jackets.  Clever Markus has incorporated some of my most favourite things into the one collection – he had me at the glitz and boldness. Next party time, I’m heading straight for him – ship it all over. 

markus lupfer kiss

markus lupfer ss15

markus lupfer sequin

markus lupfer banana

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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anatomy of :: that 70s show.

It’s popping up everywhere right now. The latest runway hit is clearly heavily reliant on our forefathers, harking back to the 70’s.

My question for all of you, and the fashion industry – if we are just reinventing the past styles, is there anything left to imagine? Maybe we have reached that point in fashion when there is nothing more (other than the techy futuristic wearable technology and smart clothing – but how many of us will actually wear this anyway?). Are we now in the period where all new ideas and concepts have been taken, been there done that? Maybe we’ve experimented all we can with denim and silhouettes, until we develop three boobs or an extra leg. That would give us some refreshed encouragement. Our fashion is an update on the older trends.

In saying that, the 70’s is my most loved decade – oh to be young and free, a flowerchild in the golden period. It also saw some of our greatest introductions – the flare, all the tassles, PAISLEY, and a brilliant dusty hue. Let’s just forget about the horrendous home decor.  

j crew fall 2015

rachel comey fall 2015

frame denim fall 2015

(Images from 1 – J. Crew, 2 – Rachel Comey, 3 – Frame Denim)

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musings :: leandra.

This post is much to be expected if you have been even vaguely following me. What can I say, Leandra Medine is just IT. Lately I’ve developed a new habit. Instead of scouring Facebook feeds or Instagram posts forever, and becoming seriously bored while waiting for public transport, I use my time more wisely. I catch up on The Man Repeller. It’s always good to start the day at 6am with a giggle and some thought-provoking.

In my dreams Leandra and I are best friends. We share closets, boy stories, and sarcastic comments. We walk arm in arm to each of the fashion shows and then rack our brains for some hilarious, yet formed, fashion comments. The way I see it, she is the way more accomplished, designer-owning version of me (admittedly, I am definitely the only one to make these connections with myself).

So who knows what the next few years will bring – maybe that dream will become reality (fingers and toes and everything crossed). I could have posted these photos forever.

leandra medine style

leandra medine fashion

leandra medine the man repeller

leandra medine

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)


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photoshoot :: pretty face.

You know I am a lover of all things whimsical / strange / unexpected (when it comes to editorial and inspiration at least). My favourite lookbooks always tend to have an element of craziness or mess.

Not sure how I would feel if I walked around with glitter and sequins on my face all day – surely that would get a bit itchy? But it looks fab. I’m almost more attracted to that element than the clothes themselves, the face takes the cake.

Take away from this shoot – next time there is an outer space themed party, get the glue, dollop on, and go crazy with all those childhood craft favourites. Then pair it with a classic AWW kids cake from the 90’s. Fingers crossed there actually is one of these events soon.

sequin face photo shoot

glitter editorial

henry holland

(Images from here)

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inspiration wall :: feb.

How are we almost at the end of summer?! It’s flown past, with far fewer beach days than I had hoped. At least we had a wonderfully indulgent day on the boat yesterday, docking for the day and filling up on espresso martinis. Now I have to start pulling together some ideas for fun adventures during winter – much much trickier. But if you have any ideas, please pass them along.

february inspiration wall

- Wonderful high ceilings at a beautiful villa in Tuscany – take me there right now.
- More Chloe Sevigny love. Always a babe. Even when she hits 90 I will continue to want to look like her, or be her even.
- So these nachos may actually be intended for children, but they are freaking delicious. And easy peasy health nut.
- Doodoodloo creates quirky / cute illustrations – if only I could actually draw. It reminds me of all the things I wanted to create as a young primary-aged aspirer (with notebooks full of different ‘fashion’ drawings).
- Olympia Le Tan. Very self-explanatory, very lust-worthy, and deserving of my investment one day.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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