anatomy of :: choked up.

I’ve decided that today, instead of loading on another existential pondering load of words, we will just look at pretty pictures instead. Break away from the current mould and get back to the greatness of fashion and those who create it.

My obsession with the choker is next level. Some are worried about my knack for tying things around my neck, others think it’s cool. The dental assistant complimented me on my “neck thing”. Actually it’s an old ribbon, previously worn by a doll, when I was in primary school – until my hoarding hands rediscovered it’s lacey beauty (I’ve also discussed my old hippie headband along with the 90’s previously).

But thank you for the love, and driving my fondness even further. I’ve found that if there is one simple way to change up an outfit and make it new again, it’s to add a different neck piece. Try it, it works. Post all the compliments.

Christian Dior, led by the infallible Raf Simons, rocked the choker all over. A million different ways to recreate. Floral, scarfy, stringy, leather, bejewelled. Sit back and admire (don’t get too distracted by the necks though, dream-inducing outfits also pair it and are equally worth your attention).

christian dior spring 2016

christian dior raf simons ss16

christian diro ss16

christian dior ss16 choker

christian dior spring 2016

(Images from here)

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wisconsinite for a day.

I’ve uncovered something interesting about myself – I think I am scared of forgetting, everything. A part of me wants to perfectly remember every single moment of life, to not let anything pass me by, and then recall with such clarity in the future.

Talking about primary school often makes me anxious – I worry that I don’t remember as much as everyone else. The high school factor is even more scary. For a time not all that long ago I seem to struggle to bring back the memories of weird science classes, and crazy girls. It’s all a bit of a blur and a smudge in my life. Maybe it’s because we didn’t live on smartphones back then, we knew how to have fun without taking a photo of absolutely every detail.

Unfortunately for me, most of my memories are based around the images I see in photo albums. I can remember the slide I got for my 2nd or 3rd birthday, because there is a photo of me on it. I can remember the feeling of the lorikeets resting on my head and eating their seeds in the Blue Mountains, because we have those photos.

So now I feel like I should capture everything, just so I can’t forget. Every meal on holiday deserves a photo, every beach visit, each time we go on some sort of adventure. Am I the only one? From there it’s hard to draw the line between posting too much on Instagram, and just posting because you like the photo and you want to always see it in your feed.

My Instagram page is probably a bit selfish – I post the things I like because I want to accidentally come across them constantly, or at least once a year when Timehop reminds me of that day in years gone by.

If I were a real photographer I would have the perfect excuse. There is something so sad, but also peaceful, in the desolate images by Jason Vaughn. These little cabins of escape, situated away from the bustle of the world and the strains of life. I guess it’s things like this that put the whole world, and all the silly, trivial things we do in perspective.

jason vaughn hide

jason vaughn photography

jason vaughn wilderness

jason vaughn cabin

(Images from here)

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feb goals.

I’ve started setting a few goals each month – a new thing for 2016, in my aim to actually get things done. They are a bit of a mixed bag, from the super achievable and material, to the more existential and emotional. Sometimes it will be a stress, an added pressure that I don’t necessarily need in life, but at other times a driver and overarching plan to make me move, dream and do. So this month:

– Finally finish reading my Eco Dye book. And then of course to finally make my own eco dyes, and get back into my past love, slowly quashed by the needs of life. Hopefully igniting my will to make once again, and force me to find time for it each week.

– Plan a fundraising event for my Tanzania trek. The perfect example of a productive stress. My aim is to have fun with it, take it as it comes, and use it as a learning curve. (To hear more about my trip, or sponsor me, head here).

– Wash my woollies. How sadly boring, but deeply necessary to add to the list when you’ve had your beloved jumpers sitting in a to-handwash pile for the last 9 months.

– Another one for the creative enticement – craft a digital collage. Let’s see how that goes.

But I suppose overall my goal is to be more thankful. Re-learn how to appreciate every moment, find the best in every situation, even when it seems impossible, and make the most of everything. College starts this month, Laneway Festival in a few days, weekends away looming, and work ever-present, so watch this space.

I’m also going to try to take a leaf out of John Lennon’s book – “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” Motto of the month, maybe even the year. Spending hours poring over a magazine is justified when the big Beatle says it is – so that’s what I will be doing tonight. Clocking off and getting in touch with the paper world.

And because I need some desperate outfit inspiration for tomorrow, here are a few brilliant street style picks for when things get a little cooler and we need to inject some colour and spice. Complete with mum jeans.

street style black

street style long colourful coat

boyfriend street style

mum jeans street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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scorpio talk.

So I’m not really a horoscope-y / star sign person in life – when I was younger I avoided them like the plague and refused to let my eyes read my future, because I thought it was all so bogus. Or maybe I would be cursed for trying to look so hard into what’s to come.

Gradually I started to read my monthly horoscope, lol a little at the ridiculousness of it, but secretly hope that there would be some sort of truth in it (YES, I would like to fall upon a large sum of cash). I may or may not have also decided that this would be a great career, and perfect for a creative mind.

Then we agreed to research the traits of our star sign, and my mind was blown, but also reasoned. How could this random signal form the sky know everything about me and the way I react to situations? I can’t say I place any faith in the horoscope business, but it’s nice knowing that if I fire up one day, I can blame it all on my Scorpio-ness. If I ever seem a little too ambitious, feisty, independent, moody or controlling, we will just pin it all back on the stars. They made me this way. #sorrynotsorry.

To finish up a month of mixed emotions, here’s some little glimpses of beauty.  Cheers to a busy and exciting February.

pretty vintage chairs

succulent cactus

morning coffee

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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melbournite for a day.

I need to be ok with not doing everything. It’s a hard lesson to learn for someone like me. My obsession with being “productive” is extreme and not always the most helpful. It means I can’t just sit and binge on Orange is the New Black (although I need to so I can finally be done with Piper’s frustrating antics, until the next season), or read all day with a tea in hand.

There are periods when I will stress each night because I need to be ticking things off my never-ending list, doing life errands, or creating something new. I actually like being busy, and generally thrive off it – until it all gets so much and I crack. Meltdown and life questioning ensue.

Right now I need a class in getting back to my roots, it’s only taken 3 weeks of Sydney living again to get me to this point. Friday night will be a forced movie / reading / just browsing the internet time, and I will re-teach myself to cherish that and know it is ok.

I am at peace when I can revel in the beauty of nature, or the insane craftsmanship and talent of others. Somehow Brooke Holms’ photography is summing up my life perfectly right now. A road leading to the unknown, a foggy mountain (i.e. my brain) and little trees scattered everywhere (i.e. my busyness / task list / hyperactivity). Yet it is all so calm and placid at the same time. So, life, settle.

brooke holm photography

brooke holm new zealand

brooke holm mountain

brooke holm nz photography

(Images from here)


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feels for australia day.

The lightning last night blinded me through my eye lids – I felt like the naughty kid during the magnesium experiment in high school science class, trying to peek at the insanely bright effect. A reminder that the weather is such a powerful and wild thing, completely out of our control. I’m not sure what is wrong with me, but that storm was also one of the first times I had felt genuine fear throughout. Maybe it is the unsettledness of my life right now, with so many things to be planning and (hopefully) accomplishing, and so few actionable ideas at the moment.

I take comfort in inspiration. It’s my escape from brain stress and the constant to-do list.

Being Australia Day and all, I’m going to glorify a fellow collage loving sister, whose graphic design skills I long for. So while we all listen to the Hottest 100, drink a few beverages, and dig into a BBQ, suss out the beautiful works of Habitual Feels. A mood board to suit everyday and every kind of mood – Deni Paradise has it all covered.

habitual feels sunday collage

habitual feels digital collage

habitual feels mood board

isabelle cornish habitual feels

russh habitual feels

(Images from here)

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anatomy of :: personal style blogs.

Over the years I’ve developed a theory of some sorts – maybe not as clever or scientifically proven as a theory, but a thought at least – about personal style bloggers. For me, that was never an opportunity on the cards due to a number of factors – lack of wardrobe space, only a drop of disposable cash, no photographer boyfriend, full time work etc. etc. I also think there is only a very limited number of these blogs you can religiously follow before you become overwhelmed by jealousy, sadness, hyperactivity (in my instance) or all of the above.

Personal style blogs have their place, and I applaud all those who have made a living out of it – it pretty much is the dream existence, pulling together an amazing outfit, taking a photo, getting paid, and the crowd goes wild. Not for me though. I’m often too much of an outfit repeater, or at least an accessory repeater, and the stress of finding something new each day in my squishy rack would be too much for my poor little head.

Here are some of my faves, broken out by the factors drawing me to them – which is where my theory comes into play – we follow different personalities for different appeals / emotions / moods:

JEALOUSY – so it’s not the most positive follow, but it definitely provides something pretty to ponder over. Margaret Zhang is one of my jealousy follows – how can she be so young and so busy, and yet achieved so much? In impeccable style always, feat. Paris coffee runs and rooftops.

INSPIRATION – the real girl blog, like, I could look like that if I really put in the effort and didn’t have a full time job. Also constantly chilled out and creative. Thank you Jasmine Dowling for your realness, simple beauty and babing typography.

WISHFUL THINKING – similar to the inspirer, but still so far out of reach. Sara Donaldson, aka Harper and Harley, my wardrobe would love to be all monochromatic, but it’s just not possible.

SO CRAZY IT HURTS – the blogger that seems to mish-mash everything all at once, but still look cool. They deserve a follow for their guts and outrageousness, because most can’t pull it off. Susie Bubble will probably be the only winner in this category forever. More is more policy.

GENUINE LOVE – ding ding ding, of course the winner is Leandra Medine / Man Repeller. There are moments of jealousy, endless inspiration, and of course wishful thinking too (the chances of Marni pieces living in my room is zero), but every single post brings pure joy and every outfit a winner, a save-for-later.

margaret zhang style

jasmine dowling style

sara donaldson style

susie bubble style

leandra medine style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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