find your dream :: grace bonney.

The other day was significantly, and very depressingly, uninspiring. If I can flick through Pinterest without some sort of excitement it is definitely bad ( normally I have to set myself a time limit because I get so carried away in it all ). Not even chocolate helped. If my eyes weren’t so exhausted from all that screen and poor lighting, maybe I would have turned to Design Sponge instead; steal some inspiration from the clever lady, Grace Bonney.

In my eyes, without a doubt, it was Grace who set the tone for all home and interior blogs of the last ten years. Time after time I come across another growing blog with a basis of similarity. Yes, I suppose they are all a showcase of people’s dwellings anyway, but there is that additional common thread running through them all that I just can’t put my finger on.

Design Sponge was daringly started in a time when blogs were not the norm, opinions were kept more undercover online; what a gloriously clever risk to take. One that has catapulted Grace’s name to the forefront of the interior world and widened her horizons to include much more than just an online interface. She’s got her books ( one I already own; the latest of which I desperately want asap – no shortage of inspiration in there ), hosted a radio show / podcast ( which I’m very tempted to delve into the archives of ), plus a million speaking appearances and other features.

I honestly believe that Grace and her crew can be credited for all my initial girl boss dreams ( thanks to an admirable section called Biz Ladies ), nurturing that future-seeker side of me at an age when I was really just trying to get a part-time job and do a bit of travel. Now that girl has become a fully fledged dreamer.

I suppose the thing I’m most jealous of is her role as an inspirer – she’s seeking out those incredible stories, those helpful pieces of information, and those beautiful images ( why I also love Todd Selby so much – bringing some masculinity to the piece ). Design Sponge is for the every-woman; a destination to feel motivated again and create our own space or design our own future, that doesn’t just play to what everyone says, but is truly who we are. It’s all a bit meta, a bit too big and spacy after a long day. But I think that’s a dream of mine. Collaborate and curate, tell the stories that inspire, that speak to a multitude of women, that create that community and help us make our mark on the world. Massive.

While we wait for my life to start, check out a few great recent posts:

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– The hilarious, yet true, list of everything creatives need to know.

grace bonney design sponge

design sponge green dining room

design sponge brooklyn bedroom

design sponge loft

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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important articles :: nov.

There were a lot of posts I hoped to post during November, and then an engagement happened and social media went mental and life turned into another to-do list. So I’m squeezing in as much as I can before December comes to scare us into buying Christmas presents. Uh oh.

Starting with a new little posty series – listing the most important articles I’ve read this month ( the title truly speaks for itself ). The idea behind it being that, as a prolific bookmarker, article-reader and content-saver, why not share that? It’s only through reading so many other blogs and news sites and enewsletters ( I’m still playing email catch ups from last month… ) that I come across these anyway – so it’s me spreading a little love. It’s me sharing the joy of sitting and reading and learning; expanding and exercising the brain. Unplug from social media for half an hour and have a browse. A tea, a cosy house spot and trackpants make all the difference in these moments. Highly recommend. And if you have any bright reading suggestions for me, be sure to let me know, because my list is always looking for a few new faces.

1. Here Are All the Benefits of Sustainable Fabrics – Well Made Clothes. Did you know that conventional cotton farming is linked to high rates of suicide? Neither did I. That and more alarming, yet necessary, facts.

2. Mara Hoffman on Her New Sustainable Business – And Changing Her Label’s Look – Vogue. I’m a broken record, but I love her. The effects having a child can have on you and your world perspective are mind-blowing.

3. Why Some Of Us Don’t Have One True Calling – Collective Hub. I AM NORMAL. Finally. Or at least some sort of normal. Sometimes an article pops up right when you need it most, and this was one of those. Life stresses and questions lie before me, as do dreams and hopes, so I find comfort in recognising that maybe I am a multipotentialite. A slashie.

4. Six Fashion Careers of the Future – BoF. Times are a-changing and opening up more doors for those not typically deemed “fashion-y”. Watch this space. ( And in the way of a multipotentialite, I now want to be both Sustainability Expert and Personal Stylist – porque no los dos? ).

I would have loved to pair this with an excuse to get deep in Photoshop and invent some collage, but sadly time has not permitted.  Some dreams just can’t come true right when you wish them. Instead I leave you with a visual glitter bomb. When life gets a bit all-over-the-place, glitter may be the answer. There’s nothing like it sticking to your skin for days, leaving a little shimmer in every light, causing laughter and a childish happiness in every mirror.

glitter face

star glitter makeup

glitter makeup

glitter freckles

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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the sustainers :: pela case.

Finally I upgraded my phone. Now I can actually update apps, take photos, and go nuts on podcasts. With a new phone also comes the need for a new case – I am not one of those graceful and dainty enough to never drop it. I figured it would probably be best to leave my old plastic, thousand-year-in-landfill Sportsgirl cases to the wayside and find something a bit (  a lot ) more sustainable – that’s an item I actually can afford to go all-out enviro on. This year has been a lesson in not only analysing my sustainability in terms of clothing, food and cleaning products, but just about everything. I’m getting there at least.

With a little help from my friend Google I found the viable options I needed, and Pela Case won my heart. Most cases I found were bamboo, therefore woody looking and almost man-ish. I may not be the girliest of girls and ALWAYS prefer boots over ballet flats ( sending the love out to Emma Watson’s Belle ), but I still want my phone case to have some semblance of femininity and understated beauty.

On the other side of the spectrum, Pela Cases are made out of flax straw and other recycled fibres, available in a range of colours ( I settled on white to match my disappointingly white iPhone – read the labels, kids ), and easy on the eye. You can even feel the recycled-ness emanating from these – like the texture of recycled paper, with little lumps and bumps of random fibres. To be honest, my white case almost looks like my mixed up porridge. Which I don’t mind at all since it’s my favourite food ( looking at my case now is making me desperately hungry ). The best part? It really is a full cradle to cradle process. When you’re done with the case / upgrade your phone again, you can just chuck it in the compost to rot away naturally ( at a much speedier rate ) or send it back to be re-transformed.

Back to the protective issue – it’s worked so far, and I wholly trust this case – far more than the Apple case I was using as I waited. Try it for yourself. You may even be lucky enough to receive a personalised, hand-written note full of love from Canada. We’re making friends everywhere.

And if you are feeling girlier than I, go for the lavender or red. It will match all your pretty outfits, or act as the ultimate, always-handy coloured accessory.

pela case sustainable

sustainable smartphone case pela

(Images from 1, 2)

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the battles of a sustainable life.

I’ll be honest – not all the clothing purchases I’ve been making have been completely ethical. It’s the issue where I desperately need something to wear, whether for a particular event or the changing season or old stuff = broken, but the money situation does not match the wishing situation; the one where I try to only buy from trusted brands, or those at least on their way. I sadly don’t have the spare $$ hundreds to invest in the sandals I need ( and right now this means I am continuing to wear boots and sneakers even on 30+ degree days ). Hot feet are not so great. It sucks and makes me miserable that I can’t just be buying from designers like Celeste Tesoriero, Kitx and The Reformation.

But I do have one element of justification up my sleeve. I am the kind of person who wears things forever. I can only bear to part with my credit card safety when I LOVE it, and thus will wear it to the end of it’s days – even if it lasts over ten years, it’s stuck with me. If I buy an item from a label that isn’t clearly committed to the world, at least it will have a lasting place in my wardrobe. That is also a sustainable choice. And I’m not talking about your typical fast fashion, wear-it-once-and-it-dies stuff though ( I am definitely not the graceful, clean type who would be able to make that stuff last ). I still refuse that – the foot is down.  The brands I look towards offer the enduring quality necessary with importance on the skill, design, and materials used to create this.

In these posts I highlight a multitude of  brands that I can rarely afford, which is saddening, but I need to be ok with making my mark in other ways right now too. I know many hardcore world-savers wouldn’t agree with my seemingly laissez-faire attitude, but at this stage it’s all I can do. Be a repeater of shoes and show everyone that is fine. Mix it up in other ways.

In the last few weeks I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety over this, and I’m not just tossing that word around because it’s “in”. It’s tough to marry the two ideas together, particularly when we know so little about so many brands. Google doesn’t deliver. I spend so long trying to find the perfect buy, but it’s virtually impossible to track down something that ticks all the right boxes within that achievable budget.

Which is why I would love to hear your opinions too. Am I being lazy and impatient by justifying these purchases? Or is that the first step, when your career is just starting, still studying, and life expenses are too much? Like chipping away at that ice block gradually, until one day, we can all afford to gallivant around in Miss Crabb’s sexy dress collection. What they say is true, surrounding yourself with greenery truly does make the feels slightly better.

cactus club interior
bedroom plant garden
bathroom plants interior
interior garden plants

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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a distinct lack of colour.

Last night, as I was preparing and planning today’s inspiring-enough-for-a-Monday outfit, I realised the sheer lack of colour in my wardrobe and jewellery collection. I’ve been quite aware of this for some time – I steer towards a more monochrome palette on days when there is little inspiration or creativity; it’s an easy go-to, never-fail option.

But with the black / white / blue mix for this morning, even with the dramatic presence of houndstooth and another non-descript, non-matching pattern ( obsessed with pattern on pattern ), some semblance of colour was required. That little piece of pizazz; a glimmer in a world of neutral. Especially on a Monday.

The accessories drawers did not deliver a solid, bold coloured piece. Those had all been discarded post-year 10 when crazy colours became less cool again. I’d take my neon orange satchel if I didn’t eat lunch, but the need for food trumped. When all else fails, my trusty orange ( so much orange ) Joco cup is there to satisfy both my coffee and sartorial needs. And so it did.

In the case that you are experiencing this similar lacking of vibrancy, here’s a few glamourous pieces from some of my favourite jewellery ladies to deliver on those days when you need SOMETHING. But equally wearable and versatile.

lucy folk spritz earrings

lizzie fortunato teal crater earrings

chan luu charm bracelet

roxanne assoulin choker

georgia perry bananarama earrings

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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coastal for a day.

( Or for a lifetime – also quite happy with that ).

The need for a holiday has sprung on me again. I know, I know, it’s only been four weeks since my Tanzania adventure, but that Sydney life sucks it out of you, drastically quickly. All those horns and sirens, grumpy walkers, angry men, and go-go-go. Which I do love, when I have a coffee and a good sleep behind me.

My body just needs some beach and reading time right now, spent away from the Internet and immersed in the outdoors instead – trying new hiking routes, snorkelling, attempting to skateboard. Give me some glorious seaside sunshine, a new one piece and sandals, health-overloaded smoothie, and all the new magazines on my wish list ( need oyster asap ), and you will be my best friend. Brain and un-tanned body would very much appreciate.

While the countdown is on I’ll just spend my spare time browsing the dreamiest of ocean images; a reminder of my happy, free place. Thanks Ryan Pernofski for the everyday gazes and dream-feeding. That bliss. So perfect.

ryan pernofski photography

ryan pernofski underwater

ryan pernofski waves

ryan pernofski ocean photography

(Images from here)

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reliving :: celine resort.

I have another important PSA. One that may or may not change your fashion views and desired clothing for the coming months.

Of course it revolves around the ever-great, all-inspiring Celine – because when a label is headed up by a lady like Phoebe Philo, how could it not?  I got so excited at first look that my handy Evernote note was all in CAPS – I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF ALL MY NOTES. Can’t you feel the excitement?

I realise that we are not so much “reliving” this particular collection, when the lookbook release was only very recent. Maybe view it as a reliving as in, harking back to what we may have left behind in our brains ( because daily we are so overwhelmed ), a reminder of that beauty, and the encouragement to bring it forward ( even before the release of the pieces in-store, as we create and mould our own inspired versions ). Phoebe is also successfully bringing back the 80’s silhouette, in a modern boss-girl way.

I am a lover of big shoulders, even the shoulder pads, hence why I can steal so much from my mum’s wardrobe. These Celine pieces are those that may be required, sadly, for an entrepreneurial woman about to meet the business men “hot-shots”. The clothes to scare them into respect. I hate that situation even has to cross my mind, but it’s real – even today the news discussed a $27k salary difference between men and women. On a more trivial note, at least we have the appropriate outfits. In an ideal world / my everyday world, we wear it just because we can, out of love. But these also work for horse riding, or long summer sessions, or a classy night on the town, gin in hand.

As for the sustainability, I couldn’t tell you exactly where Celine sits, and there’s a clear lack of information out there. But I do know this – with key statement pieces that transcend trends, these are items to last and live in a wardrobe, worn often, for a long time; something to pass on and hand down to others in the future.

My own inspired version, on a slightly more realistic budget ( only ever so slightly ) involves a pair of sleek ( environmentally responsible ) Nico underwear and sheer dress ideal for a country wedding, or the hardass pantsuit and jacket with emphasised soldiers ( or take it next-level with this Jacquemus number ) and stomp-all-over-you shoes. All determined by my mood and power status of course.

celine resort 2017
celine resort sheer dress
celine resort phoebe philo
celine pantsuit
celine sheer dress

(Images from here)

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