anatomy of :: your grandma.

First a disclaimer : this one has been in the works for a while, sitting in my drafts folder waiting for some attention. I’ve finally given it the love it needed, even if it is significantly after the shows in question, so excuse the delay.

If the fashion shows of the latest season have proved anything, it is that you must always listen to your grandma – she is a fount of wisdom, tucked beneath the baked goodies, warm cuddles and amazing vintage stash.

Now it’s a thing to dress like your grandma, or at the very least, the most eccentric geriatric you’ve ever seen. Iris Apfel and her matured friends have shown the world how to dress, and even more so, how to live. Life lived at it’s fullest, in both colour and experience. Happiness and love are the primary goals, reflected in a style that layers on all your favourite pieces to create one big love bomb of an outfit.

I was devastated last year when I missed seeing Iris at the cinema, but lo and behold, Netflix has delivered and I am waiting for the perfect girly / solo moment to indulge and gain some much-needed life perspective. I’ve also gone on a massive following binge on Instagram, discovering the accounts of all these iconic women (which is just amazing in itself – these women are stylish, successful, beautiful, and also social media queens – probably with a greater knowledge of all things social than our own parents).

Gucci, Miu Miu and Rochas have all taken this concept on board and flown with it. Gucci reappropriating the full-length dresses, bright spectacles, layers and bows for the younger fashion audience. Miu Miu’s prints harking back to the treasure of Mary Poppins magical carpet bag, made modern through denim layers. Rochas playing with sheers, textures and prints to make us all feel at home again.

How can you not admire a woman who comes up with such insightful little quotes such as these :

“There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”

“When you don’t dress like everyone else you don’t have to think like everyone else.”

These are worthy of a bedroom wall mural, almost like a mantra as you wake each day.

There are just so many things I want to get posted before the end of the month – so many current muses and style queens and world-changing labels to talk about it. Keep an eye out for what’s next.

gucci fall 2016

gucci nanna fall 2016

miu miu fall 2016 iris apfel

miu miu fall 2016 runway

rochas fall 2016 iris apfel

rochas fall 2016 runway

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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mexican for a day.

Preparing for one adventure makes you just want to prepare for a million more. I’m not sure whether to count my Tanzania trip as a holiday, or more of a extreme hiking, eye-opening, learning adventure. I’ve experienced the blinding differences of culture before on previous getaways, but this I feel will be one step further. Meeting my sponsor child in her home, sitting down with her family, seeing around her village. Experiencing first hand the way she lives her life – it is the full vision, not just the tourist passing by, looking in on another’s life.

Cecy Young is Mexican creative babe based in France, who has clearly seen much of the world – and I am deeply envious. Japan is high on our visit list right now and of course where she is now spending a lot of time. The quirkiness of Harajuku, delicate cherry blossoms, robots and cat cafes are all calling our names, whispering in our ears at night, until we are forced to save and finally purchase those plane tickets.

Also, just look at her regular photography, this is the stuff I could gaze at for hours. I want it adorning my walls, printed and blown up on a gigantic scale so I can constantly live in her pastel-coloured world.

cecy young photography japan temple

cecy young japan food

cecy young photography japan

cecy young photography

cecy young japan

(Images from here)

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get better quick.

I’ve been googling how to get rid of all my current illness symptoms ASAP. No one wants to be sick on a long weekend – that one time you can chill out, treat yourself, and not think about work for more than 2 days.

Tips so far, thanks to Wiki:

For the throat situation – Do a bit of gargling, with salt water, lemon juice or vinegar (would help if I could physically gargle without swallowing or choking). Heat pack or hot water bottle around the neck – toasty. TEA.

For the nose situation – Indulge in chicken soup – Mum, want to make me some?. Spicy spicy food to clear it all out. TEA.

Depressingly coffee does not heal these impending wounds, when it is truly what I need to keep my eyes open and brain alive. Alternatively I just stalk Pinterest, get lost in the inter-webs and then find myself buzzing on all the ideas and inspirations that pass through my mind. These little beauties are keeping me going right now.

– The fact that Jeanne Damas is launching a fashion label – wut – need to get my hands on the perfect Parisian, beauty-straight-out-of-bed, Rouje now.

Toms’ Heather Mycoskie’s wardrobe, mood board and life view.

– The Miu Miu blouse of my dreams, which will be reinvented in my hands when I one day get enough time.

Sleeves. Because.

jeanne damas rouje

heather mycoskie toms

miu miu street style

sleeves shift dress

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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reliving :: celine.

We are about to set foot in a new week and I’m not quite ready – my eyes have been half-closed all week, and my brain a little fried – yet recovery didn’t get it’s chance this weekend. But when your time is instead spent with a myriad of friends, adventuring different suburbs, and hoeing in to delicious meals, it may be worth it.

An internet-less getaway is what I need, and with time not permitting I turn to the eternal peace and functionality of Celine. The label has long deserved a solo post and runway look on this blog, but it is only finally now, with a half-functioning mind that I come to speak it’s glory.

The dreams of living a pilgrim life are calling me. Decked head-to-toe in floating garments, blending in with the surrounding deserts and seascapes. If you don’t hear from me in a week, don’t come looking for me, I’ll just be chilling in my nature-made hovel somewhere in the clifftops, belt bag in tow and strappy sandals on foot.

celine fall 2016 belt bag

celine fall 2016 pilgrim

celine fall 2016 rtw

celine fall 2016 runway

celine fall 2016

(Images from here)

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the little mind game.

As they say (or at least dad says), small things amuse small minds. Not that my mind is necessarily small, but it is constantly jumping to the next thing and occupying itself with the minuscule oddities of life.

There’s a little game I’ve recently invented for myself, it’s called Guess That Brand. Simplest premise ever, the name speaks for itself. I do some much-loved Villoid browsing, find a noteworthy item, and guess the brand. Sounds boring you may say, but not so in Hannah’s crazy little mind.

When I’m right, it’s a little justification to myself that I’m trying to follow the right career path. When I’m wrong, I analyse the style, the pattern, the notions, so that next time I get 20/20. So far I am performing to standard with Peter Pilotto and Christopher Kane.

Then there are all these street style inspirations that I can’t necessarily put a label to, but I know I want to be wearing them right this, slightly cold, second. A mix of comfy (see Pernille’s classy take on the tracksuit), warm (aka oversized), 70’s inspired (Yoyo Cao’s delicate, burnt orange concoction), bejewelled and cool (i.e. wool shorts with layered shirts in all the textures of the world).

If I had the day off tomorrow I would try to find some pennies, then scour the op-shops across Sydney to bring me some sort of re-creation, the Frankenstein of all these outfits. Worn with pride.

yoyo cao 70s street style

ellery street style

pernille trackpant street style

earrings street style

shorts street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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photoshoot :: dreams.

We made it to Friday. We survived. It felt like the longest, most arduous hike at times – further preparation for Mount Kilimanjaro. And now my brain is truly dead, further fuelled by the deliciousness of a sneaky Espresso Martini.

So I have no wise words, not that they regularly develop in my mind anyway, instead I have a bit of a pretty photoshoot to get the heart pumping again for the weekend. Some textural, pared back, magical beachside goodness from Beaufille. The name says it all. With the same aesthetic appeal of Ellery, influenced by the Canadian landscape and personality – #dreams.

beaufille ss16

beaufille lookbook ss16

beaufille fashion


(Images from here)

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old school :: richard tyler.

Every time I find out that a great creative of any field is Australian I feel an instant affinity and appreciation. It’s not that our upbringing is so difficult that it is a feat to get to the successful stage, but the acknowledgement that Australians are on par with those from New York, London and Paris. We aren’t on the official fashion month calendar, but our talent are just as worthy. Modern day mind-blowers include Kym Ellery and Emma Mulholland – individual, free and incredibly creative. I like to think that we bring a certain niceness and ease to the industry, teaching those built on the classics to let go a little and experiment.

The man of the hour as we look back at the past is Richard Tyler, the Melbourne-born celebrity dresser and designer. Tyler started his career in the era of rock, attracting famous attention to his small boutique and creating outfits for Molly Meldrum on Countdown. The classic Australian starting point and a claim to fame in itself. He then moved on to launch his own label in the 80’s after moving to the US, inspired by his background in rich tailoring with plenty of handiwork and embroidery, sought after by males and females alike.

I just love his little quote featured in The Fashion Book, “I have no ego, all I have is my skill.” A lesson for us all – reflecting on Richard Tyler’s craftsmanship as a designer, and also his wisdom as a human being.

richard tyler runway 1996

richard tyler kate moss 90s

richard tyler suit

richard tyler runway 1998

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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