musings :: margot tenenbaum.

Margot and I share a few similarities, although I could never claim to be quite so cool as her. We are the surly, sassy sisters of the family, with the not-always-appreciated vein of independence. Our brains get lost.

Thankfully I can’t claim complete resemblance – she may make a great case for smoking in her classic nonchalance, but it won’t win me over, ever. I’d also like to think that my life has been slightly more of the normal sort – potentially boring in comparison and much less eventful, but fewer near-death experiences.

Nonetheless, she is a babe who really embraces the bob and smoky eye. Today was my day for the chop. I got all prepared and washed, headed to the dodgy little hairdresser after a busy morning, and it was full to the brim. Not worth the wait – maybe it was a sign that I could never pull it off in quite the same way as Gwyneth. That crazy man could have saved me from many a tear being shed. 

margot tenenbaum

margot tenenbaum fashion

margot tenenbaum fur

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want list :: karen walker as always.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who will occasionally have a sob day – you get home from work and at some point between then and sleep you manage to burst into tears, without even a specific cause. Actually I KNOW I’m not the only one, that’s something that all girls schools are very good at teaching you. Once the little outbreak is over, the world can be tackled again, one girl powered step at a time.

Evidently I just struggled with one of these female mishaps, so my brain is almost at the point of giving up for the day. But not before I get something up, have at least one form of creativity achieved.

It’s going on to paper yet again – I just freaking love Karen Walker. I swear she brought back the 70’s vibes before all the major fashion houses thought it was cool. She’s just living life to the beat of her own drum, pumping out masses of inspired designs. My budget will never allow for it, but I have serious desires for a perfectly cosy coat from this great Kiwi lady.

Sometimes I then fool myself into thinking that maybe some of life’s battles would be defeated if only I had “that” in my wardrobe (i.e. KW). A lie repeated often in my head, but there is never any harm in dreaming.

karen walker tweedia coat

karen walker thistle coat

karen walker halifax coat

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manspiration :: rag & bone.

I forget sometimes how strange the men’s runway can be – take for example JW Anderson Fall 2013. I could more easily get away with one of those outfits than any guy I know, the lines of gender are becoming more and more blurred. But that’s fashion, a chance to make a statement and influence the world. That purpose sure beats just living frivolously for the sake of it.

I like Rag & Bone for the always wearable pieces, maybe it’s a statement for the regular office-job guy, no boob tubes for our man friends here. They teach you how to make your workday garb better – add some shimmer, add some beanie, or a pout if that’s more your thing.

Secretly, not so secretly, I want to track down one of those checked bomber jackets – ultimate winter comfort and warmth. All those blurred lines, girls break the rules all the time (looking at you boyfriend jeans and all the man shirts we love). Maybe that’s what the rules are there for.


rag and bone fall 2013

rag and bone menswear fall 2013

rag and bone workwear mens

rag and bone mens fall 2013

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anatomy of :: in the 90’s.

Recycle is my middle name, but now I’m adding another re- to my repertoire (all that alliteration, you would never know english was my worst subject) – REPURPOSE. My new favourite thing. I’ve been trying to repurpose all my old clothes, through pairing them with something new, or wearing them in a newfound way.

Today’s award went to high-school Hannah’s Sportsgirl hair tie / band / makeshift belt if you get desperate. Once used as a hippie head band, the rest of the time positioned as a hair-out-of-face mechanism. Now it has become a choker, and it was amazing – kept my neck warm and jazzy.

It’s made me think a lot about the fashion method of reinventing old trends – the 90’s are new again, especially when fused with the flowerchild vibes of the 70’s (arguably the two best decades). There were so many things to love about this golden era – the Spice Girls, friendship bracelets, matching jumpers and tights, full fringes, Pop Tarts, Women’s Weekly cookbooks. Forever. Every texture and pattern were merged together to create the outfit equivalent of word vomit – in the most fond-hearted way. Also some not so great things, but we live and learn. Now we’ve just picked the best bits, and repurposed them for today.

90s street style jeans

90s street style

90s street style floral

90s jeans street style

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photoshoot :: so sheen.

This is one for all the power ladies out there – Rihanna and Beyonce would definitely be seen in these sheeny shimmery outfits. The girls who run the world, who have nothing in their way. All that gold and silver provides a bed of femininity, but the metallic steals the show.

She’s the girl we all want to be – so basically, moral of the story, buy up big on metallics, mix and match, test it out and run for Prime Minister. You will probably win and look friggin incredible too.

metallic photoshoot vogue arabia metallic

metallic photoshoot

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coats of the world.

My daily pleasure has now become to dream up tomorrow’s outfit adventure and experiment. Never again do I want to repeat a look – not for the typical celebrity-led materialistic reasons, but because of the pure joy it brings. Same = boring = bad day. My daily guarantee of a creative burst even if life is mental. 2 minutes on the train is all it takes, and then I’m in a great mood for the night, even though my eyes are falling out of my head and my stomach won’t stop rumbling.

Mr trusty iPhone’s camera roll is chock-a-block with screenshots, a scrapbook of sneaky inspiration – mainly from my constant data abuse of Leandra and her power gal gang. The devastating part comes when it doesn’t work, my mix and match is not on point, my booty is too voluptuous, my clothes are just too bler. But then my mind says, if Amelia Diamond would wear this then so can I, and all is right in the world again. She is another of my spirit sisters, my hair and jeans buddy.

Today is dedicated to the street style cool kids – I may never manage to dress quite so well, or have the budget they display – but let’s make our own op-shop versions. Because the world is full of endless coated-up possibilities.

leandra medine long jacket

paris fashion week pastel

russia gold jacket street style

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