tommy ton lives on.

I’m trying to distract myself from the fact that one of my go-to, always trustworthy, forever motivating websites has now been converted. is dead, but will live on in my heart. My links and saved bookmarks have disappeared in cyberspace, housed in a completely different exterior. All that untapped material.

Even worse is that Tommy Ton, my constant inspirer and envy provider, has moved on. Instead of Vogue Runway he has set his own new path, now my new favourite bookmark. So all is not lost. will start the new fashion revolution. So here’s some great street style in celebration.

street style tommy ton

velvet street style

headscarf street style

winter wool street style

valentino street style

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every moment.

There are just so many pretty things in the world. Just a moment every day to take it all in isn’t enough, but is often all we are awarded.

Years ago I made a pact with myself to find the beauty in absolutely every person, even when I found it really hard, and my first thoughts were judgment. My mind often had to be forced to find the good, but it’s there. And those kind of moments are the ones that make every day worth it – being angry and bitchy all the time rubs off in a bad way – permanent frown lines and snide comments. Accepting and open and loving rubs off in the best of ways and makes each public transport trip a little bit easier.

water fashion

double denim photo shoot

pink and white fashion

overalls street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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the sustainers :: penny sage.

I don’t just try to wear a different combination each day but also have fun with it all. I may be of the minority, but I keep saying over and over again that outfit collating is something that brings me that creative sense and makes me dream bigger. So it’s not all superficial, it’s just me. Hence why I could never be a corporate-wearing, Cue-dressing power woman – those rules and heels would suffocate me. I’m a wonder lady in my own way. A recycling, ever-morphing style obsessor.

Penny Sage is yet another ultra hip brand to come out of New Zealand, actually made there, using majority natural fabrics. Designer Kate Megaw has created lines of relaxed fitting clothing, ideal for either a fat or lazy day. You can witness her gradual change in style policy over the years, becoming more about key standout pieces, mixed with the easy everyday. Pairing a structural off-the-shoulder box shirt with classic faded jeans, or a simple dress with an oversized jacket.

I wish I had the funds to support each of these brands whenever I mention them in a post, to gradually build up a collection of their wares and have a massive impact on the sustainable industry. Couldn’t say no to the greatest denim jacket of all time.

penny sage sleepaway

penny sage ss14

penny sage denim

penny sage sustainable

(Images from here)

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weeping winter.

The sun decided to give us another teaser for the day, but now the storms have come to haunt again. It’s real winter weather – like snuggle up with Netflix all day, let’s never leave the house kind.

So, from a better place and hotter days. Keep your eyes on the prize everyone.

street style summer

lips street style

maxi dress summer street style

blue street style

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want list :: athletica.

So far I’ve been pretty good at avoiding the trendy-designer gym wear, and have stuck to my ugly old thangs. The tops that used to be wearable and are now holey and thin – therefore perfect for a workout. Mismatched socks and almost-vintage leggings. Only once have I outlaid some money for Lorna Jane, and I swear that was a gift. Lululemon is my enemy.

Thankfully I am not someone who overly worries about my gym appearance, lets be honest, it won’t take long for my skin to go red, hair to get messed, and sweat drip down my face. Even though it isn’t necessary, I do find myself admiring the athletic wear from The Upside and Stella Mccartney.

Now we also have the pattern genius Mara Hoffman to tempt us. The sport range is equally fun and vibrant, enough to lure me out of bed at 5am. I would never want to take it off though – hello North Shore life.

mara hoffman sport

mara hoffman sport yoga

mara hoffman sport leggings

(Images from here)

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photoshoot :: the meaning of world.

As much as I would love to live out my superhero, peace-making, world-changing fantasies, my life barely reaches the tip of the iceberg. My job is far from saving the planet, and so is this blog, and most other hobbies I dedicate hours of my time to. The things that we truly need to encourage each other to do are those that matter most, and often those that don’t come naturally.

Here is my challenge to get on board with Pip’s call, and write to a child in detention. Somehow the children get forgotten in this whole political / asylum seeker mess, but one simple way to reach out and show some necessary love is through this beautiful penpal system. I’m going to gather some gals, and have a writing evening – yes, there will be wine and cheese – but it may make us all the more productive.

And not to make a serious conversation comical, but maybe try wearing some Superga’s too (feat. Gia Coppola). My sexy purple animal print version always make me feel that little more inspired and real, prepared to tackle a world full of problems.

superga x rodarte

superga gia coppola

superga rodarte gia coppola

superga beach

(Images from here)

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inspiration wall :: aug.

Speedy life update. The worm farm has been ordered, weekends away are the best (particularly when they involve the beach, glorious sun and cake), and I’m truly killing for the NSW version of The Specialty Coffee Book – Victoria couldn’t have all the glory forever.
august inspiration wall 2015
– Geometric 60’s inspiration, so mod. I remember when I had curtains that looked like this – sewing opportunity there? Also, socks and sandals, monochrome style = ingenious.
– Visited The Glass Onion Society in Long Jetty on our way home. The perfect Sunday chilled vibes, complete with cauliflower rice and a games table (i.e. vintage Pacman gaming machine, for viewing underneath your food.)
– Dreaming of a caravanning, no care road trip. Especially if I could be wearing this Caroline Rose Kaufman top. Teetering on the edge of housewife, but surpassing that with a wave of cool and adventure.
– Summer.
Vegan bolognese – one of my new favourite, super easy recipes. So good in fact that even the pickiest of eaters enjoyed it.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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