angeleno for a day.

Suspense is one of the worst feelings. It’s just anxiety in another form, and anxiety sucks. That nauseas, vomity gut-wrenching feeling. It lasts for a while but then the situation is all over, problems rectified, issues dissipated. You breathe again, and wonder why you gave in to all that stress.

The brain is a strange creature, because it will do it to you over and over again. Forever. We never learn. But without the stress, the fresh air wouldn’t seem so perfect afterwards. It’s just the way life is.

And to just help this process along, prodding that annoying beast on it’s way, some beautiful imagery. All brought to you by the Los Angeles based Erin Hoffstetter. So many muted palettes and dreamy landscapes – a life of travel and adventure.

erin hoffstetter photography

erin hoffstetter mountains

erin hoffstetter

erin hoffstetter

(Images from here)

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inspiration wall :: nov.

Yes, it’s a little late – the month has flown at a scary degree, and with only a month until Christmas, life has hit freak out zone. After weekends full of weddings, long adventure days, and market stalls, inspiration is necessary.

inspiration wall november

– Dream bedroom. Because it’s every girls’ dream to have a dome window, a wonderfully comfy / chic bed, and a white spread. I imagine life would be just grand with this little styling heaven.

Paper saver notebooks are genius. How often we print on one side and then chuck out, forgetting all of our reuse lessons. All you have to do is save these reams, fold into the notebook, and then start jotting.

– Me today – without the super babing outfit. I require all the coffee in the world if I need to wake up at 6am for market stalling attempts. Also need to bohemia-fy my wardrobe.

– Best way to finish the month? Why some more lace, ruffles and white of course.

– This blueberry protein smoothie is my most favourite snack ever, and go-to on a warm weekend (or not so warm if the weather has a crazy turn like it just did).

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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musings :: miroslava duma.

It can’t just be me who feels this. One moment you are loving life, so excited for the things to come, creating a vivid plan, and the next it plummets. Walking around like a zombie with minimal emotion or feeling, just trying to get through things one task at a time.

If I had done a psychology degree my mind may be slightly less confused, but I’ve found my remedy. All it takes, generally, is some Hannah time. A lunch free from talking, and instead sitting in the sun, reading a magazine, wandering. A night solo, complete with Netflix, a creative project, and bucketloads of tea.

It’s unfortunate when it occurs at the beginning of a busy week, with many an evening plan. So we take it step by step, savour every moment possible, do the things you love whenever there is a chance.

And we aim to be Miroslava Duma. A perfectly composed and fashionable woman at all times, with a giant heart and clever sense of business. There is no doubting the never-ageing creator of Buro 24/7. The more materialistic side of me wonders if a constant life determination with dozens of achievements, is all thanks to a killer wardrobe. I’ll bet the scientists haven’t tested that hypothesis out.

miroslava duma street style

miroslava duma muse

miroslava duma valentino

mirosalava duma winter

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)


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photoshoot :: ruffled.

Following on from J.W. Anderson’s next level ruffling, this little shoot brings together three of fashion’s greatest elements.

1) Lace – because the prettiest fabrics should not just be saved for undergarments.

2) Ruffles – because, der, they add everything.

3) Neckthings – whether it be a knotted bandanna / scarf, a glam choker, or a ribbon, it is my most preferred way to jazz up the over-used outfit. Anyone who works with me will vouch that I abuse the craft box of yesteryear and come out wearing ribbons with all kinds of memories – e.g. the one that was originally used in the making of headbands for our baby dolls.

But don’t all these just complement, and accentuate, each other so beautifully. The ruffles sleeves lead in to the bedazzled neckpiece, which is framed by a lacey collar. Perfection all right.

photoshoot ruffles

photoshoot natural state

photoshoot lucia pang

photoshoot bandanna vintage

(Images from here)


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reliving :: j.w. anderson.

Disclosure: never have I won a best dressed award, never do I want to win a best dressed award (these days at least). This isn’t something I’ve previously thought through too much, but after attending yet another event with this all-glamorous award, it got me thinking, ranting, conceptualising.

I’d be lying if I denied that years ago I would have loved to win this prize – being a fashion lover it was my goal, a notch in the belt, to stand out and be rewarded for what I deemed wearable. Now I am a bit more sceptical. And the wardrobe is limited, let’s not forget.

Who actually decides the glorious winner? Who, other than the world’s most prestigious fashion designers or gurus has the overriding authority to deem one’s outfit the BEST. I don’t see that many of them at these events, and to be honest, I would still be a sceptic – because of course we all have our own opinions, which this is also. From my experience, it is normally the host of the evening as the decider, always looking beautiful and causing pangs of jealousy, but who knows the level of their fashion knowledge or appreciation.

Then we come to the whole conceptual idea of fashion, time to space out and get the peace signs flying. What does best dressed even mean? The winner always seems to have stolen a designer outfit straight off the rack, with little individual styling, originality, or fun. The Kardashians are wearing lace bustiers, so we wear lace bustiers, and we win. David Jones’ mannequin wore that Bec and Bridge dress, so we wear it also – devoid of emotion and uniqueness without a bit of jazzing and personality.

I vote that true dressing comes from one showing their personal style, making an outfit their own – mixing and matching designer with vintage and bargain. The best street style = quirk, the best dressed should equal the same.

Give me some J.W. Anderson puffs and ruffles, prints and chokers any day. Then make it your own.

jw anderson spring 2016

jw anderson ruffles

jw anderson spring bustier

jw anderson prints womenswear

jw anderson spring 2016

(Images from here)

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wedding season.

Wedding season is well and truly upon us now. Love is sickly, and sweetly, flying through the air, tempting everyone to embrace engagement or hold their wedding. This fact hit home hard this weekend – the double whammy, Saturday AND Sunday wedding adventures which has led to a) a great weekend and b) a not so great working week ahead. Productive Hannah may be switched off for a while. Farewell to alcohol for a good few days, replaced with copious amounts of coffee. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your friends at their most beautiful and beaming with happiness, embarking on a new stage of life.

It sounds terrible, but I’m sure it’s true for most, the most stressful, difficult part of the day is the outfit decision. Is white still not kosher? (Massive letdown here – all my favourite dresses are too heavy on the blanco). How much bling is too much? Is there such thing as too much? (NO, mostly). Then the hair and makeup – significant life challenges for me – with hair that refuses to style (and a human wearer who knows not how to style), and a complete lack of knowledge on the make up front.

Saturday’s wedding led to a crisis ten minutes prior to leaving when the footwear collection did not deliver, hence why the sandals are an important investment to make right now. Next wedding is in a few weeks, so time to start planning, appropriating and inspiring now – it’s a shame all my favourites aren’t fit for a boiling summer day.

street style

street style knit

street style wedding

street style skirt

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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manspiration :: yohji yamamoto.

Listening to the sound of rain just doing it’s thing. As much as I dislike the breaks between sunshine, when umbrellas burst inside out, hair pastes itself to your head, and jeans stick, the sound is just so peaceful. It’s good to be home when it’s like this. Safe and warm and preparing for Netflix and bed. Only at these soaked moments can I actually allow myself to pause, sit and do almost nothing. When the sun shines I’m like an over-active puppy, begging someone to take me outside for some fun. Anything will do, just something.

And here we are harking back to the fall season today, 2012 in fact – when the world was meant to end. Throwback central (in competition with the greatest Spotify playlist ever – a throwback to beat all throwbacks, a trip down memory lane full of school discoes).

This is what I feel like wearing right now – basically wrapping anything long and warm enough around my body multiple times, paired with an oversized trench. Yohji Yamamoto definitely cashed out on the Oliver Twist vibe. Anna Wintour was in fact correct, or at least partially, when she stated that Oliver Twist is the literary character who has most inspired designers. (Anyone else watch her 73 Questions with Vogue yesterday in celebration of her fabulous birthday?) I’m yet to pick out more, so I will keep stalking Vogue Runway until I do. So let’s be thankful we don’t have to ask for more porridge, but steal their English hobo style with pride.

yohji yamamoto fall 2012

yohji yamamoto oliver twist

yohji yamamoto hobo

yohji yamamoto menswear

(Images from here)


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