manspiration :: bally spring 2016.

This is for the well-travelled, “cultured”, hipster man in your life. Bally have established the greatest European-holiday / daydreamer wear for men through a mix of patterns, trends and textures.

You have the Wes Anderson inspired pyjamas and dressing gown combo – classy wear for the hotelier and wine snob. There’s a safari jumpsuit for any African or Indian adventure, complete with mandals for obvious cooling reasons. The jet-setting aviation wear, for the wannabe pilot. And to top it all off, the famed ski season. Reflective sunglasses, tough-ass beanie and jumbo jackets. Questionable placement of sandals for this look though – not recommended for real life.

Put it all together and you have a round-the-world trip, prepared for whatever the earth decides to throw at you.

bally menswear 2016

bally safari man

bally pilot spring menswear 2016

bally menswear spring 2016

bally pyjamas

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musings :: bethany consentino.

Sometimes I feel Tim may fear the status of our relationship as I regularly show such appreciation and admiration for my cool sisters of the world. He has nothing to worry about – I just want to live through their good vibes and hope that some of it rubs off on me eventually. I’m all about celebrating the amazing acts of women and the great things we do.

Bethany Consentino from Best Coast absolutely rocks it. A two-piece mini skirt ensemble on stage with the greatest whip-worthy hair, and an electric guitar. Nailed the power chick thing.

Tuesday I was being all inspired – tempted to bring out my guitar again and just do what I want, because do as Bethany (and no one says no to her). Tonight I’m watching Almost Famous, eating pizza, wondering what I’m doing with life. But hey, dreams take time to come to fruition. Down time is essential, and so is the perfect outfit.

best coast sydney 2015

bethany consentino best coast

best coast style

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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want list :: lock up your nanna.

One of the things I have always wanted to learn is to crochet. My great-grandma had this amazing talent for crocheting squares which then became the warmest little blankets ever, perfect for sisterly huddles and Mary Poppins viewing. The skill has been passed on to my grandma, and I should be next. Keep that old family tradition going, and the world a bit more toasty.

Somehow this managed to slip by my thoughtfully curated “30 before 30 list”, so let’s make it number 31. I’m always up for the challenge.

Leandra posted one of my all-time fave outfit inspirations earlier this year, and guess what the lucky duck / goddess of hilarity wore? A crochet-like Miu Miu mini dress. My dreams are fully expressed in this image.

Chances are I will never be able to pull off such a wonder, so I may just have to settle for the tote version instead.

leandra medine miu miu crochet

miu miu raffia tote

(Images from here and here)


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the sustainers :: maiyet.

Living in an apartment has really challenged all my sustainable notions. I like to think that I live relatively enviro-friendly, but then I took notice of the mountains of rubbish only 2 people make, and I die inside every time I toss out a banana peel. Self sustaining is the end goal, but near impossible in such a living situation. The herb garden has been planted, and my efforts end there.

I recently read about the amazing NYC dweller, Lauren Singer. Her life has been completely up-ended by the wake up call of not really being as environmental as she’d previously though, refusing to waste and instead purchasing in more considered ways. Everything is bought in bulk, in reusable jars. All scraps are composted. All products like shampoo, dishwashing liquid and body wash are self-made. No plastic bags in sight.

My next steps for saving the planet are to join the local community garden (pick your own veggies, compost, pizza oven [!!] and develop a green thumb) and buy as much as I can from fresh food markets, or my favourite bulk-buy store, Naked Foods. Who will join me in the challenge?

On to Maiyet.

These guys are the purveyors of peace, the advocates for artisanal sustainable creation, and  promoters of far-off communities. Their partnerships derive from all over, with connections to Peru, Kenya, India and more. The mixture creates a simple and earthy look. I only wish I could see each garment up close – the detailing and care gone into each piece must be jaw-dropping.

If I could afford a bangle, I would wear it with pride each day, as a reminder of the life we should aim to live.
maiyet sustainable fashion

maiyet africa

maiyet fashion

maiyet spring 2012

maiyet luxury fashion

maiyet sustainable

(Images from here)

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friends forever.

Being along is strange when you are constantly surrounded by people. I barely have a spare moment to myself except for while showering or walking to the bus stop.

On my recent getaway I spent 4 hours wandering the Coffs Harbour streets on my lonesome. At first I got excited about this solo opportunities – I can do whatever I want, eat wherever I like, and keep exploring until my feet fall off. Quickly, all of the self-conscious issues I thought had long disappeared once again arose.

To the outsiders eyes I definitely look like a loner just sitting for an hour at this cafe by myself. I’m taking up all their precious seating. How long is too long to stay when you’ve only had one coffee? If you fall over you have no one to laugh with (which did happen earlier in the day).

But really, who cares? My dumb little issues are minuscule and laughable on reflection. Those bruises tell an eventful, yet embarrassing story. So the verdict is to spend more time alone while out and about. Practice makes perfect and the creative juices only start flowing in peace.

Friends are still better though – they trump for life.

street style friends

street style stripe

street style pattern full skirt

mens street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)


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wherever you want to be for a day.

Right now I am dreaming of summer and freedom and denim cut offs. Smoothies on the beach and sandy legs.

I’m putting to the back of my mind the frightful, cheese-induced, dream I had the other night – Tim decided he could befriend a great white shark, which then followed us (out of water, somehow this guy could also fly), until we managed to get if off our tracks. Creepy stuff, and hopefully not a premonition for the coming adventures.

I’ve become bored of jeans, and also worn them so much they have developed a nasty hole. Not even the patch fixes this sitch – my trusty Nudies may have died.

Today, for the first time in my life, I decided I would whip out my fancy summer shorts, and pair them with tights. I generally don’t know how I feel about this look. Either you are ultra-conservative, or and incredible style queen – and the line is so blurred between the two. But it was what I needed for this Wednesday, a bit of a change up and tease for my legs.

Sarita Lolita has the images that match my current dreams. Oh to be recreating these on a daily basis.

cactus photography

sarita lolita photography

greenhouse sarita lolita

mugs sarita lolita photography

(Images from here)


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inspiration wall :: jul.

With the freezing winds and unbeatable chill, there really aren’t that many opportunities to go exploring and find inspiration. So I turn to the internet – otherwise I may just go crazy.
inspiration wall july
Lexi is just a straight up cool girl, with the outfits I wish I could wear everyday. Those would provide the ultimate warmth and comfort. But alas.
– This great quote on film from RUSSH : “We begin to mimic what we see and hear – we learn what to want. We are influenced into particular attitudes as we try to inch ourselves closer to those irresistibly untouchable lives.” The almost frightening allure of film and fictional characters.
– Made these chocolate bircher babies – a chilled, yet perfectly wintery breakfast treat.
– I just love it. The embroidery, the layers, the laidback nature.
NOTA shoes, for all your designy male friends. Authentic leather and construction of absolute quality, and the added opportunity for a monogram.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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