things i’ve learnt without internet.

Or been reminded of.
So the internet is still yet to be installed at our new humble abode. Super humble at the moment, because without the internet life seems quite simple and backward. I’ve come across a few epiphanies throughout this testing time:
– Normal TV sucks. Already knew this, but it is so crystal clear when Netflix isn’t there to distract anyway. SBS and ABC are probably your only options, although you might not understand a word that is said. Masterchef may bring momentary joy, but at the realisation you are not taking part in that wonderful meal, the immense food envy sadness hits.
– It is impossible to blog without visiting your parents or overloading on mobile phone data (thank goodness for Apple’s greatest invention, the personal hotspot however).
– Internet providers lie and will never install on time.
– Sleep is a good alternative to any form of entertainment.
– There is also a positive. I literally can’t check my emails. This also means that once we are back in action I will have hundreds of Net-a-Porter, Goop and Refinery29 messages to get through, and many more articles to browse.
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anatomy of :: the bandanna scarf.

Or maybe it isn’t a trend and it’s just my favourite thing to do, so I want to discuss it. Who wouldn’t want to enliven their day through a bit of pattern and nostalgia?

These are just some of the remarks I have received when donning my beloved – pick from a blue and white vintage-inspired type, or sunflower yellow : you look french / like an air hostess /  daisy duke / are you sick?!. No I’m not sick, this is just my new thang and I’ll stick with it until I’ve bled it dry.

Because I hate to wear exactly the same outfit twice, the neckerchief just mixes it up a notch. Understated yet colourful, and also WARM which is of the greatest importance right now. It’s difficult to look different each day when you are forced to blow steam in the outside air.

The necked-look is encroaching on the high fashion world now too – photo shoots galore are hitting it up. Clearly everyone wants to be French. Once I’ve overdone it with the neck I’ll move on to the next body part – suggestions?

leandra medine bandanna scarf

neck scarf

neckerchief fashion

bandanna scarf

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)


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inspiration wall :: jun.

Moving has obviously affected my normal life quite extensively. It seems my thoughts have also been infiltrated, when the wonder of The Parent Trap kept me awake. I couldn’t go to sleep until I had jotted down that Lilo sucked us in to her twinny world, and forced us all as young children to dream of a better or lesser version of ourselves. Important stuff. Still to this day, Hallie and Annie’s quality quotes spurt out of my mouth. Even though it is a little late, here are some of the great inspirers this second.
inspiration wall june 2015
– Festival season is not so close but I am already stalking beautiful white maxi dresses. Came this close to losing all my money and splashing out on a precious See by Chloe eBay number – which I have recently discovered is my greatest weakness and obsession.
– Last week’s most successful dinner / lunch / snack – these vegetarian nachos.
– Had to use this photo because the puppy brings endless teary laughs (it’s going to go viral), but really hoping to visit Gypsy Espresso ASAP. The cool kids hang there, and the food looks dreamy.
Miu Miu. Class. 70’s. Babe. Woman.
– This is the perfect weather for sitting back with a good old cup of tea, browsing through Netflix (if only we had internet…), and catching up on all the mags from the last 2 years. Martina Thornhill brings it to the next level with her beautiful ceramic creations. Dream job?
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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londoner for a day.

It has been one crazy month, that’s for sure. Hence the complete lack of posts and general life presence.

No one expects to get approval on a rental application on their second go, and then move in a week later. Boxes are still sitting unpacked, furniture still to be made. But it is all an adventure – one that is slightly sleep and rest deprived though. So a bit of photography gazing is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Kate Peters has a subdued air to all her images, there’s something about the placements and tones that immediately causes you to reflect. And also make you envious of all the wonderful places she has visited.

I also thought I’d share with you a little something something I have been seriously spying – these babies from Country Road are calling my name loud and clear. But moving expenses don’t allow for the follow through – my question is, will one of you take this up, so I can then live through your purchase?

kate peters photography

kate peters

kate peters door

(Images from here)

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model muse :: abbey lee kershaw.

Firstly, Mad Max is one of the greatest movies I have seen in recent years. Somehow I stayed awake and engaged the whole time – super unusual for my fidgety, restless self. Most of that is thanks to the impeccable costume design and make up. After I watch these sorts of movies I wish I had followed my distant costumers dream, but the regularity of my pay right now (which would definitely not be the case otherwise) almost trumps that. Almost.

And they have successfully brought back the braid – mess it as much as you like, all over your head. Like Tricia from Orange is the New Black (makes me teary, legit almost cried – and yes, I am that far behind).

Secondly Abbey Lee Kershaw is yet another fricken babe. The pale-skinned and freckled beached-up version we all need to see. Thank goodness that the model world is becoming more varied and eclectic – finally taking into account that all us normal people sitting behind desks are beautiful too.

Symmetry is boring, and so is perfection. I love Abbey for the genuine vibe she gives off – she has to be that peaceful, loving and purely kind-hearted person in real life.

abbey lee kershaw russh

abbey lee kershaw

abbey lee kershaw goth

abbey lee kershaw editoiral

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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photoshoot :: florals of the world.

Fancy that. A photoshoot encompassing some of my favourite floraly looks from the spring / summer shows. I haven’t decided whether I should feel immensely saddened that I am not in a climate currently suited to these outfits, or excited for what is to come.

Bring back the springtime, with days where I can wear skirts, walk around with a leap in my step, and get a tan. Unlike today where my shins froze and flaked in the icy weather because I decided I should wear a skirt and feel a bit feminine. Wrong decision. I can feel the warmth only just hitting there now as I’ve migrated to PJ land.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not much of a winter gal, nowhere near a snow bunny. So we look and dream until they become reality. Salute some of the best below from Blumarine, Michael Kors and Miu Miu.

bazaar turkey michael kors

floral lace

blumarine floral

harpers bazaar turkey

(Images from here)

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reliving :: peter pilotto.

So much fash-onnnn when looking through my current magazine of choice, Lula. As I’m sure I have said many a time before, it would be a dream to spend my life lost in those glossy pages. It’s a real talent when you can mix the best of all the trends to create some seriously quirky and whimsical outfits.

On one of these pages I was reminded of my old flame, Peter Pilotto. Years ago I fell in love with all the wild digital prints and wanted them in my closet, and on me everyday. Designers Peter and Christopher are the true print masters of today, tousling with Miu Miu, Missoni and Prada for the top spot. And they aren’t even Italian.

Every collection is like the Wonka factory on steroids, but it works, because who doesn’t want to look like a candy striped lollipop? Emanate joy wherever you go, just don’t go driving a white van.

peter pilotto fashion

peter pilotto spring 2015

peter pilotto wonka

peter pilotto spring

peter pilotto candy

peter pilotto clothing

(Images from here)

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