model musings :: nini nebieridze.

In the last few weeks I’ve started giving my daily outfits little names, just to add to the creativity and encourage some lesser-worn combinations. Outfits of note have included :

– ‘Sexy working mom’ ( which has to be said with an American twang, or it just doesn’t work ) – a jeans and print on print concoction, complete with bling belt.

‘Cowgirl moves to the big smoke’ – taking the Texan girl out of the ranch and making her werk werk werk in that office with some bandanna and denim meets black skirt and blazer.

‘Sailor Moon vs. Gossip Girl’ – a Harajuku-ish, sailor-ish, preppy Upper East side appearance, complete with the houndstooth print and silk scarf.

I have a fresh persona every day, even if the clothing I wear is regularly recycled and re-mingled. Who really am I?

If I were a model though, I imagine my wardrobe would contain even more strange concoctions and distinct pieces, with a true mix of quirky vintage and richy rich designer. So very jealous of Georgian-native Nini Nebieridze’s closet right now, because it is just that. Designers en masse – from the likes of Loewe, Vetements and Acne Studios. Polished with the vintage touch, including some glitzy pants and frills of your dreams. Reliving the teenage dream, the me I wish I was while also battling braces – we have a killer babe showing off her orthodontics in the fashion world.

nini nebieridze model

nini nebieridze fashion

nini nebieridze vintage style

nini nebieridze

(Images from here)

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the sustainers :: limb.

I give myself decision fatigue every morning as I consider which amazing cafe to visit for my darling coffee. Options are a real struggle. First I have to make the decision of going to one of my two loyals and favourites ( although I can hardly call myself loyal can I, when I am frequently torn between more than one ). If that’s a no, then I have to decide which place from my extensive list will be the lucky winner of my $4 that day.

Yes, decision fatigue is such a first world invented, trivial problem, but it is real. Hence why so many of the most successful people a la Obama and Mark Zuckerburg wear a self-invented uniform each day, as a way of reducing the number of decisions needed to make.

Unfortunately for me, or fortunately depending how you look at it, a uniform is not an option. The joy and mini burst of creativity I find when compiling my day’s outfit far outweighs the burden of the decision, although it is often a tumultuous and drawn-out process ( one of the reasons why I find it so handy to lay out the night before – more sleep time, less early morning stress time ). I need to reduce my decisions in other ways instead.

The only decision-making saviour I have found so far is through Well Made Clothes, where I know that whatever I pick to purchase is sustainable in some aspect. Whether it’s ethical manufacturing or sustainable fabrics or locally made, I know I’m safe in my choosing.

Like Limb – with seriously sexy looking jumpsuits and snap skirts. All made in locally in Melbourne by a couple of clever girls with a dream of wearable classics. Definitely achieved. Definitely a guilt-free, non-decision ( because there is no decision-making required when it all looks this good + feels good for the planet ).

limb the label

limb sustainable fashion

limb melbourne fashion

limb the label fashion

(Images from here)

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how to :: handle lonely lunchtimes.

All the recent life changes proved to me, once again, that I am a novice at being alone, and particularly eating lunch alone. I’ve experienced high school fears later in life than the designated time. I promise it’s not because no one likes me – hopefully – but I’ve gone from a workplace of numerous friends and a mass of people, to one virtually opposite. Lucky if I make up half the office most days. Here are my lessons so far in not giving up on the world and learning to make the most of that strange time alone.

#1. Sign up for alerts from your city council. Through this I’ve managed a free lunch ( thanks to Oz Harvest ), experienced culture ( NAIDOC Week ) and wandered about. Every week I open their email longing for some kind of interesting free event happening. And, go to pretty much any of the events you can manage to in your designated lunch break – it’s about doing something out of the ordinary and adding spice to the day.

#2. Bring a book or magazine everywhere. You will always have a friend of sorts, look interesting and occupied – so no weirdos try to approach and make uncomfortable conversation. Downside – all that heavy baggage ( worth it ).

#3. Save up all your errands and then go nuts in the break. BUT try not to smash them all out in one go – we have 4 or 5 days of this a week people. Post office one day, bank the next, then the chemist, on and on and on.

#4. Con your friends and family in to tripping all the way into the city, just for an hour, to share a meal. This is obviously the best outcome possible. Especially when it involves a free meal, and the opportunity to open your mouth without talking to yourself. Then comes the profuse thanking.

#5. Get lost on Pinterest, because it is far less depressing than Instagram. Sorry but I don’t want to see your glamourous catch ups and coffee dates while I eat my salad solo ( jks, how often do I settle for salad? ). Instead I would prefer to scroll and save, and scroll and save, an array of inspiring pictures that give me ideas and creative juicing without the pangs of jealousy or regret.

#6. Sit in the sun and get a head start on the tanning process. People with work friends will be jealous come summer.

#7. Get comfortable with it. There are plenty of lunch loners lurking in the city every day, equally trying to find somewhere to sit that doesn’t make you look too conspicuous. Proudly join that club and just be.

But whatever you do, do not go near the shops. Steer clear because credit card + boredom = grave danger. Trust me. Now for some favourite Instagram foodies ( another reason to avoid during lunchtime – they will make you hate your meals and crave everything apart from what you are putting in your mouth on your own lunch break ).

georgeats burrata tart

hippie lane baked sweet potato

green kitchen stories falafel

thyme and temp avocado toast

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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musings :: margot robbie.

I’m not sure why, but initially I attempted to hate Miss Margot so bad. I tried to think of her as an awful person, or a whore of sorts, because someone who looks that damn good literally all of the time cannot also be nice or funny or personable. But life just isn’t fair, because it seems she is. Margot is one of those girls who seems to have the best of everything, and be insanely lucky / clever in the paths she has taken.

She’s proven me wrong, and maybe made me a slightly nicer person in the process. It’s a big fat whopping lesson in not judging a book by it’s cover ( not that I personally know her, except in dreams ), but every interview paints an image of someone so down to earth and free from the ugly grasp of Hollywood. My heart has flipped so much that I don’t even want to find flaws in her now, she can rest as an angel forever in my head.

We aren’t all opposite either, Margot and I. She has the same busyness, crazy life issues as me, as do most of us. The desire to have some time alone, away from the hype. But as soon as we are gifted this space, we need someone around, immediately, something to do, some occupation. I get her mind. And I love it.

As I also immediately love any film she features in, or just about any outfit she takes to the carpet in. That beautiful face and piercing eyes. Her shoot from the latest issue of Oyster is one of my eternal favourites now – I just have to push to the side any pangs of jealousy arising from that perfect body too. The Miu Miu sheer dress and gingham shirt combo has been featured in just about every magazine, on every model, but undoubtedly trumps on Margot. The naughty but nice combo, so Harley Quinn.

margot robbie miu miu

margot robbie oyster magazine

margot robbie babe

margot robbie muse

(Images from here)

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italian for a day 2.0.

Every morning when I go to the gym ( every morning is a loosely held term right here, but #goals ) my bag is quite literally filled to the brim with outfit and face things. Like, it’s a real struggle to close. And that’s without including the required towel or skipping rope at times.

The zipper has reached the near-broken stage, and I am praying it doesn’t decide to give way as I bustle my way through the city one day, or in the middle of a crowded public transport commute. I just fill it with a full outfit, sometimes options, because you never know – life and my mind are often unpredictable. It’s so full and chunky that often once I make the walk to the gym and unload my junk, I’m left with red rubbed shoulders. All that baggage, in all senses of the word.

I am a self-confessed bag lady. The one who doubles her size and requires much more walking and sitting space than expected. Don’t let me start on the handbag sitch, because that is equally as dire, but. once again, filled with only the necessary. I swear.

While I ponder my baggage and all the extra useful muscles I am building ( via crossed fingers ), I also dream about the world and the adventures to be had. The places to see and immerse myself in, the people to meet and understand even through a difficult language barrier. It’s an instant massage for my weary shoulders. Could be that it’s reassuring my daily incidental weights practice will lead to easier travels in the long run ( lugging a pack around the world has never been my forte ), or just the immediate peace that comes from looking at a dreamy photo and being whisked away to another land far far away from the kilos pressing on my back.

Claudia Corrent’s photography is taking me to that dreamland currently. Her Insulae collection is sending me mentally across the waters, where instead of sitting in a fake-air office right now, I am sipping an espresso in a square in Venice before stretching my legs to walk alongside the canals for hours, until I’m too sore to go any further. Followed by a good dose of wine and a carby, yet simplistic, meal, inducing the perfect slumber. I could equally get lost in Greece and Morocco through Claudia’s eyes. The whole world is waiting.

claudia corrent venice

claudia corrent insulae

claudia corrent photography

claudia corrent venice photography

(Images from here)


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denim days forever.

I think I would probably have enough content (read: millions of saved pins, liked Instagram posts, bookmarked street style collections, etc. etc. ),  to establish a post just dedicated to denim every month. The textile that surpasses all genres, genders and age. My absolute favourite.

It’s rare that I spend a day without denim – the necessary under-layer to allow for daily jazzing and experimenting, applying to all seasons. Almost everything goes, and I’m yet to find a denim jacket I don’t love ( particularly of the vintage kind ). So, a little tribute.

double denim street style

frayed denim jeans street style

denim socks and sandals

denim street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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the sustainers :: thinx.

These may just be the most controversial thing on the market right now. Complete with all that taboo we love so much. But I have read the comments ( literally scrolled continuously for a significant amount of time – because the more you read, the more proof ), have devoured the website, and you know what? I think I am actually sold on the period-proof underwear.

It would seem hypocritical of me to not test out this crazy invention – one that will significantly impact our levels of waste, and all that ridiculous tax paid also ( so much anger ). Just the thought of testing it out induces a lot of fear and uncertainty. I am not an uncertain person, I need plans and dates and times and preparedness. If you see me wearing black jeans for a solid week, you know why – safety blanket.

Typically, living sustainably and being a girl have been these two completely separate worlds that cross paths in many aspects, but one major element, where they definitely do not complement each other. More girl issues. There is hope for us yet with Thinx, and all the similar newcomers to the market. But first, some stats that may blow your mind :

– Women will use approximately 17,000 pads / tampons over the period of their lives ( har har ). And all that sits in landfill, or in the ocean. It doesn’t really seem fair to all our marine friends, and the human ones also.

– Think about how much we spend on all our hygiene products – maybe $10 a month, maybe more. So that’s at least $120 a year. What a bloody waste. Sorry not sorry for all these accidental references.

I’ll let you read all the gory details and scientific workings for yourself but put simply, these are a real game changer for the future of waste, the support of a sustainable world, and also, a life more free. I’m convinced they are as hygienic as they claim, that it’s not actually that disgusting, and genuinely a good thing, with solutions to suit the needs of every woman. “It’s not like sitting in your own blood”. Plus, every time you buy a pair of Thinx for yourself funds are sent to help women and girls in Uganda ( where 94% of girls have problems with school due to that time of the month ).

We’re also taking the chance to change perceptions and take a stand against the disgusted perceptions, instead building and encouraging conversations. Somehow this bodily function that occurs to half the worlds population, about 12 times a year, is largely ignored and ridiculed. I admit, I am yet to order a pair, but my current stingyness may bring about a purchase very soon. Just you wait, and I will be as free and wild as a hippie, but much more clean and shiny. Join me in my panty party gals, the modern day Captain Planet gang.

thinx sustainable underwear

thinx period free pants

thinx advertising campaign

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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