nudey nude.

A short little PSA before we get in to the inspirational stuff – free range eggs are a hot commodity right now.

Tonight I searched for some glorious new eggs, and all that’s left on the shop floor are the named and shamed, the fake free range. I literally walk around with my boycott list at the ready every time, and today came home empty handed. I refused to succumb to the dreams of healthy scrambled eggs for brekkie. Even that temptation is not enough to sway me.

I love my chickens – not even as a meat source, or pet (I’ve had too many flap and peck at me in the past), but just as a general thing living on this planet. If I can live and breathe in my own space, why can’t a chicken, even if they are mass egg producers, alive to satisfy our B&E roll cravings.

On a positive note, I’m glad to see so many people take up the same boycott. Signs of change people, even if I am deprived of my serve of protein for a while.

We need a tiny burst of inspiration today. It’s been far too long between posts this month, as much as I had wanted to avoid this happening. So short and sweet to get back in to the swing of things. Some wonderful nudes – a tone I need in my life way more. Maybe it will even trick me into thinking the weather is slightly warmer.

best friends photography

nude silk

nude cactus pots

area fall 2016 rtw

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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musings :: clare press.

Let me tell you why I love Clare Press, why I have for so long, and why even more now.

1. Fashionable and successful, matched with a killer personality, the dream combination. Got it all.

2. Best friends with Sarah Wilson, so together they are basically Captain Planet. Changing the world through food and fashion waste awareness – two of our biggest contributors to the current dire situation.

3. Has just released a new book which is high on my to-buy list, ‘Wardrobe Crisis’. A book that speaks to me on many levels, addressing our current and detrimental need for more thoughtful, and less fast, fashion.

4. Also a vintage queen.

Need I say much more really. She’s iconic, talented and passionate – and isn’t that what makes the best of us?

clare press vintage

clare press wardrobe crisis

clare press street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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reliving :: alberta ferretti.

Two things to start the weekend off right.

Firstly, to help put all your relationship issues and wonders to rest, listen to Garance Dore’s “Pocket PMF : Marriage” podcast. (Also listen to every other episode because her accent melts even the toughest stone, and her joy in life is bound to influence your own, particularly when joined by some fellow French friends).

I learnt that I’m not as weird or needy as I had previously thought. At the very least, my craziness was down-graded when I heard that Garance also responds with blunt answers following a missed goodnight text from her partner (more French coming out in me?). The little things can evolve in to a big thing within minuted.

And the important thing that came out of this listening : don’t ask negatively, but do positively. I’ve always known this deep down, yet continually pushed it to the back of my mind because of my stubborn tendencies. Instead of whinging, just do the chore, and hopefully your other half will be nice enough to then help out. Hopefully. Yet to test that out.

Secondly, a hit of lingerie as outerwear to get the fun weekend vibes flowing. Lace meets sheer, appropriate for a daring night out or experimental day. I have a great respect for women who can pull of the see-through shirt with lacey bra underneath, or a pop of under-thing slyly shining through, without screaming skank. There’s a fine line between tacky and smart – one that is too difficult and risky for most of us to even go near. So props to you Alberta Ferretti for showing us how it should be done. Key is to mix it with a bohemian feel, creating a luxe, clean, flesh-baring hippie.

alberta ferretti ss16

alberta ferretti bohemian

alberta ferretti lingerie

alberta ferretti spring summer 16

alberta ferretti sheer white

(Images from here)

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the sustainers :: kowtow.

Man Repeller recently published an article that needed to happen to expand my sustainable fashion-wear horizons, introducing me to a further five amazing brands making a difference. If I had the money I would buy something from each right this second. Why why why do beautiful things that don’t hurt the world cost so much.

Kowtow took my breath away (also sounds like a karate move), then returned it with the satisfaction of simply designed yet wonderfully made clothing. Perfect for lovers of mix and match, layering and easy wearing. And even more than that:

Kowtow only uses 100% fair trade certified cotton – so all workers and their communities are supported, no pesticides or genetically modified seeds, which all then adds up to a better place / environment and a fair living.

More great news – the label is based in NZ, so really, your delivery costs and emissions are much more efficient than purchasing from our loved labels in the US or Europe. FINALLY. I often wonder how much reversal of the good ethics I would be partaking in if I actually got around to purchasing from Reformation. Shipping is a bitch.

My picks for today’s weather – the Great Tale top (yes to ruffles, always) and the Collectors dress. Plus the aptly named Building Block items, necessary for all the winter layering that is about to come, ensuring goose bumps don’t haunt me all season long. Added to the wish list. And all surprisingly affordable so there really is no excuse to avoid ethical shopping now.

kowtow ethical clothing

kowtow organic cotton

kowtow fair trade

kowtow sustainable clothing

kowtow nz sustainable clothes

(Images from here)

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all that noise.

Last weekend I woke up to the mooing of cows and nothingness. A sense of stillness and peace overtook. Now I wake up to a blaring alarm, hooning cars and tired eyes. Then go to sleep to the sound of motorbikes and voices.

Again it reminded me that maybe the city isn’t my life. I love the cafes, the opportunities, all the places to explore, and the people I care about, but that high stress, pressure to succeed dies quickly. I thrive off being busy, and dream of fulfilment, but there is always a limit before the crash comes or realisation strikes.

Sometimes all it takes is a week of escapement to recuperate and put life back in perspective. Then the city is bearable all over again, and a place that pushes me to always become better.

country girl photoshoot

fault line photoshoot

self portrait country photoshoot

photoshoot country life

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seas of change.

Change is something I often go into without fully considering the consequences or outcomes. The last 6 months have truly made me realise that, as it feels like I’ve made so many (probably only a few) life changing decisions.

Sometimes my attitude does pay off though. It keeps me on my toes and makes sure I’m never too comfortable – it’s the best way to challenge myself, busy myself, and potentially find who the heck I am in this bustling world. A split second decision saves me from potentially talking myself out of a positive change, hindered by over-thinking and justifying and fear.

Registering for the Tanzania trip was done in an instant. It was something I had always wanted and hoped to do but I sprung on the opportunity without even stopping. Thoughts about cost and training and equipment, even annual leave, would come later. And I’m glad I did it. Hours of current stress will pay off.

So, the decision making process that works for an over-thinking doubt machine such as I – just do it. I feel very Leandra Medine / Monocycle when I think of these more existential life reflections – so, job done for the day.

I had imagined the end of April as full of inspiring blog posts, but it came too fast, beat me and my to do list. Let’s make May a big one then – I announce this the month of dreams and following passions. And what better way to kick start the vibe than with some new outfits to aspire to. It’s all about the denim – and why wouldn’t it be.

denim street style

leandra medine denim

denim skirt street style

double denim streetstyle

denim on denim street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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anatomy of :: your grandma.

First a disclaimer : this one has been in the works for a while, sitting in my drafts folder waiting for some attention. I’ve finally given it the love it needed, even if it is significantly after the shows in question, so excuse the delay.

If the fashion shows of the latest season have proved anything, it is that you must always listen to your grandma – she is a fount of wisdom, tucked beneath the baked goodies, warm cuddles and amazing vintage stash.

Now it’s a thing to dress like your grandma, or at the very least, the most eccentric geriatric you’ve ever seen. Iris Apfel and her matured friends have shown the world how to dress, and even more so, how to live. Life lived at it’s fullest, in both colour and experience. Happiness and love are the primary goals, reflected in a style that layers on all your favourite pieces to create one big love bomb of an outfit.

I was devastated last year when I missed seeing Iris at the cinema, but lo and behold, Netflix has delivered and I am waiting for the perfect girly / solo moment to indulge and gain some much-needed life perspective. I’ve also gone on a massive following binge on Instagram, discovering the accounts of all these iconic women (which is just amazing in itself – these women are stylish, successful, beautiful, and also social media queens – probably with a greater knowledge of all things social than our own parents).

Gucci, Miu Miu and Rochas have all taken this concept on board and flown with it. Gucci reappropriating the full-length dresses, bright spectacles, layers and bows for the younger fashion audience. Miu Miu’s prints harking back to the treasure of Mary Poppins magical carpet bag, made modern through denim layers. Rochas playing with sheers, textures and prints to make us all feel at home again.

How can you not admire a woman who comes up with such insightful little quotes such as these :

“There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”

“When you don’t dress like everyone else you don’t have to think like everyone else.”

These are worthy of a bedroom wall mural, almost like a mantra as you wake each day.

There are just so many things I want to get posted before the end of the month – so many current muses and style queens and world-changing labels to talk about it. Keep an eye out for what’s next.

gucci fall 2016

gucci nanna fall 2016

miu miu fall 2016 iris apfel

miu miu fall 2016 runway

rochas fall 2016 iris apfel

rochas fall 2016 runway

(Images from 1, 2, 3)


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